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6/20/2021 9:09 pm  #1

Looking for players: Roll20 EST/EDT


Looking for AS&SH players interested in playing in a gritty sandbox style campaign on Roll20. Players set their own course with a focus on exploration. New and veteran players are welcome.

* Thursdays @ 8:30pm EST/EDT
* Roll20 for maps, character sheets, and dice
* Discord for voice

If you're interested in playing, send me a PM.



7/30/2021 7:01 pm  #2

Re: Looking for players: Roll20 EST/EDT


I just signed up here and can't PM yet. Is this game still going? I'd really like to get in an AS&SH game as a player before I start Reffing this. I bought it in 2017 during the 5e hype and couldn't get a game going so I shelved it. Lately it's been calling to me from the shelf (spooky). I've been looking around the various VTTs and found a game on Roll20 but its in Greek. HALP! :D

I've also been working on a char sheet for 2e ASSH on Astral VTT but it's far from complete.


7/30/2021 7:13 pm  #3

Re: Looking for players: Roll20 EST/EDT

Hi Sasquatch,

Game is still active and we have some room. PM me on Roll20:


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