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10/10/2020 8:09 pm  #1

Unsafe casting, extra spells, and miscast ideas?

Hey there. We are having a blast playing ASSH in a campaign where casters are off the table except for runegravers, shamans, and rangers. (Should they live that long!)

however, as we were talking about how phenomenal the system is, some of us wished for something like the VAM magic system from LotFP that allowed for casting outside of the normal list, but at a risk. 

While my friend Eloy came up with a fantastic idea for a system that we will have to try, it is a complete departure from the usual tables. I seem to recall Handy Haversack and others talking about treating the usual spell tables as “what you can cast safely”, and having some sort of rules for attempting to cast outside of the normal allotment. 

anybody have experience with some rules like this that you can share or link?



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