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6/26/2020 7:36 am  #1


I gave a talk that has a lot of Hyperborea in it, at a programming language conference.

The talk abstract/description:

I wanted a quicker way to figure out the loot that monsters had. That also turned out to be a good reason to learn how to use a module and understand YAML a bit more.
Once I was able to quickly get loot, what about determining what the kinds of things the players met? It was an ideal excuse to write a dispatch table. Once I had that written I wanted to share it. Instead of trying to figure out how to package it up, I learned how to use the Mojolicious web framework to make it a web app.
Form fillable PDFs make it easy to provide pre-generated characters for players at a gaming convention. What if I could start with a simple YAML file and have a program fill out the PDF for me?
Much of my hobby code I’ve written is to support one of my favorite hobbies, RPGs.
After attending this talk I hope that you will better understand how to:

  • use a module to randomly generate events
  • use a dispatch table instead of nested if structures
  • share a program you wrote that goes from the command line to the web.
  • use your hobbies to improve your skills in other areas of your life
  • sharing your work with a community makes you aware of how you code

Slides available at: https://archive.org/details/using-rpgs-to-fuel-my-code-habit

What? Me worry?

6/29/2020 9:50 am  #2


Very cool, Thanks Gizmo!

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6/29/2020 12:18 pm  #3


That's pretty awesome. I'm honored that you'd mention the game!

HYPERBOREA- A Role-Playing Game of Swords, Sorcery, and Weird Science-Fantasy

6/29/2020 12:51 pm  #4


Ghul, you are most certainly welcome.

As I note, my creativity for my hobbies do fuel my creativity for my coding and work.

I really try to give back as much as I can to this community that gives so much to me.

I'm glad y'all enjoyed it.

Of course I see the flaws and such in my talk. I think it would do better for 30 minutes instead of the 15 I was aiming for and the 20 minutes total for the slot.

Now, this of course means that I have freed up time to pursue those projects I put on hold.

What? Me worry?
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