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5/21/2020 7:23 am  #1

Of Snake Men and Sleestacks

I had an idle thought the other day.

For some reason my brain was rolling around the ideas of various colored diamonds like the glowing green diamonds used to power a skyship. I have used them in my idea for warp riders.

That idea led to the Land of The Lost and how sleestaks used colored gems for their tech.

Then I wondered about having sleestacks in Hyperborea.

Then I finally decided that snake men could be sleestacks.

That's it, that's the idea.

That and having "good" snake men and sleestack tech.

What? Me worry?

5/22/2020 4:05 am  #2

Re: Of Snake Men and Sleestacks

Wheew, look more like Fish-men to me Giz?


5/22/2020 7:39 am  #3

Re: Of Snake Men and Sleestacks

I imagined sleestaks as lizards more than fish.

But, however y'all want to interpret them :-)

I just didn't want to stat up sleestaks mostly (also, decided to go a search to check my spelling of them...not that I care).

What? Me worry?
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5/22/2020 9:27 am  #4

Re: Of Snake Men and Sleestacks

To me they seem more like lizard-men, especially given that they aren't very bright.

(I know there was one "smart" sleestak who was actually a time traveler from the past. That raises the possibility of lizard-man sleestaks being the degenerate remains of a fallen race, and there possibly being some smarter "throwbacks" running around.)

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5/23/2020 5:03 am  #5

Re: Of Snake Men and Sleestacks

Hmm, suppose so, it just the big round eyes.


5/23/2020 5:06 am  #6

Re: Of Snake Men and Sleestacks

On second thought as I near left the forums, a hybrid cross between Serpent-men and Fish-men, your know how these fish people get ?!

Or a mad sorcerer's experiment with cross-species???


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