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3/23/2020 7:27 am  #1

Month Names

Does Hyperborea have month names? I would use a default of the signs of the Zodiac with Ophiuchus slotted in as the ninth month between Scorpius and Sagittarius. The Latin names would be for scholars etc and the English translations would stand in for the common names.

I: Aries/Crios/The Ram
II: Taurus/Tauros/The Bull
III: Gemini/Didymoi/The Twins
IV: Cancer/Carcinos/The Crab
V: Leo/Leon/The Lion
VI: Virgo/Parthenos/The Virgin
VII: Libra/Zygos/The Scales
VIII: Scorpius/Scorpios/The Scorpion
IX: Ophiuchus/Ophiuchos/The Serpent Bearer
X: Sagittarius/Toxetes/The Archer
XI: Capricorn/Aigoceros/The Goat
XII: Aquarius/Hydrochöos/The Water Bearer
XIII: Pisces/Ichthyes/The Fishes

Ancient Greek names also given.

Two names in common with the name years ie The Crab and the Fishes which we can change to the Lobster and the Shark for the years as the signs of Zodiac are older, dating back to Babylonian times, so should take precedence over the new-fangled year names.

My guess is that it will actually the Zodiac proper names that will be in common use instead of their translations just the way it happened with the Julian month names on our world.

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6/02/2020 6:52 pm  #2

Re: Month Names

May I use your ideas, good sire?


6/10/2020 8:16 am  #3

Re: Month Names

I built month names by hybridizing Elder Scrolls with the lore of Hyperborea:

1: Morning Star
2: Sun’s Dawn
3: Wolfseed
4: Rain’s Hand
5: Elkseed
6: Sun’s Tiger
7: Bealltainn
8: Eagleseed
9: Heartfire
10: Frostfall
11: Boreas’ Prison
12: Sun’s Dusk
13: Evening Star

I'd be curious if anyone has attempted a flavorful take on the days of the week. Phobos takes 7 days to complete its circuit, so I was thinking that the days of the week could be based on it’s lore and elipsoid path:

1: Lophodas
2: Artemdas
3: Horrodas
4: Hiphodas
5: Sacridas
6: Bloodas
7: Kyranos

The “das” suffix is also from Elder Scrolls.



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