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2/20/2020 1:59 pm  #1


Anybody know how to switch off this super annoying auto check on this forum??!?!?!


2/25/2020 5:58 pm  #2

Re: Auto-correct...

I would think it's a function of your browser, not the forum. I def. have never seen it.


2/25/2020 6:16 pm  #3

Re: Auto-correct...

The only Autocorrect I see is Grammarly that is on my computer and as a plugin to the browser. You must be running something similar as Handy mentioned. Are you on Windoze or MacOS?

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3/02/2020 1:43 pm  #4

Re: Auto-correct...

Mac. Maybe I can trick Safari to stop.
Let me look under the hood..

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3/03/2020 11:14 pm  #5

Re: Auto-correct...

tokok me a while to figuer e it out but i think it got it!!

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