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7/06/2019 10:37 pm  #1

Thoughts on Zweihander?

I came across the revised edition of the Warhammer-derived Zweihander rpg in our local bookstore the other day and I was interested in general impressions if anyone here had played it?   I saw a blog where Ynas Midgard had summarized the rules so I assume he/she has played.  I played a fair amount of Warhammer 2nd edition about 10-12 years ago but eventually sold all my books.  But I always liked their career/profession system and it looks like they're adding a Japanese-derived supplement called Tetsubo so I'm rather intrigued.  And Amazon has it for half the list price.  But I'd love impressions from folks around here.

"Could you fancy me as a pirate bold?  Or a longship Viking warrior with the old gods on his side?  Well, I'm an inshore man and I'm nobody's hero.  But I'll make you tight for a windy night and a dark ride."--Jethro Tull

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