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5/26/2019 9:06 am  #1

Bar Brawl in Khromarium:

Bar Brawl in Khromarium
I borrowed this idea from Lew Pulsipher (who created a D&D brawl in White Dwarf magazine) and who borrowed the idea from one Nick Slope (who had done a western bar brawl about 40 years ago). Now I convert it to AS&SH.

NPCs for Bar Brawl: Here:
The Tavern/Inn map: Here:

The hit points are static, no random rolls, and kept lowish or fight might last another hour.

The scene is a smoke filled environment of a tavern floor, whether in Khromarium or another city or a roadside inn beside a winding road in the middle of no-where.

I thought if Khromarium, that it could be Chainsaw's Laughing Skull tavern, it seems perfect for such a confab.

Vicious fights break out on a daily basis, with the skulls of the slain hung on the interior walls in rows. Most locals avoid the Laughing Skull and the town guard steers clear as well.


Using each of the 15 supplied characters, the brawl could take 2 to 3 hours depending on the speed and good will of the dice, still for quicker fights reduce the number to, for example 10 combatants.

There is a few GM characters which can be reduced or added to extend or reduce the time of a combat.

1: Depending on how many players are present give them as many characters as needed; 3 or 4 characters for example (still do not for example give a player the wererat and the ranger or the berserker and female savage for they will oppose each other).
2: Ask player to position their characters around the tavern floor map (not in rooms, kitchen or balcony at beginning of scenario).
3: Ask each to write a secret interaction with those others in the tavern. This will seem to happen simultaneously, but those with the highest initiative will go first. Only the player will know his intent and at time of the initiative for the character should pass the note to the GM so he knows the plan also.
4: Allow the Interaction Round to end with each PC doing his utmost to start a fight, this is at player's discretion and could consist of stabbing another in the back to throwing food in another's face, still straight out murder at the beginning of fight might have NPCs attempting to hang a culprit by the neck from the balcony.

5: Still this is for fun, not truly meant to be taken serious and any bugs bunny and roadrunner foolishness is allowed. These are throw away characters (unless someone wants to keep one) so allow mayhem to commence.

Z: in the zone of the chandelier which is directly above.

X: is torches in sconces which are lit. Those with a dot beside it can be lit and are on balcony.
Black large dots: pillars holding up rooms and balcony.
Trapdoors go to the cellar (This also counts as leaving the tavern, see below).Leaving the tavern by any door mean the characters is gone from the fight, the lower windows of the tavern are barred (unless GM not want them that way) and upper windows can be shuttered.

A GM could ask for a point system for character's goals, 1 point for each achievement/goal that the character gains (but it is more paperwork). So the evil cleric commanding two of the NPC doxies to follow him out the door is two points for the player's total score which is generated from his multiple characters. The Berserker could just get a point for each kill (it is what berserkers do best). But maybe just half-casts, his daughter, the Kimmeri-Kelt are likely targets and perhaps a few of the NPCs are half-Viking for this idea of a goal. Also granting a point for a spectacular feat of heroism (which works) will grant a point.GM should individually decide how damage much a chairs does, like a club 1d4, or a spinning pewter dish hurled by the innkeep's wife may just do 1 point of non-lethal damage. There is plenty knives and a fire/wood axe in the kitchen amongst other unusual weapons.He can place sand-buckets or other items he thinks appropriate... 


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