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5/21/2021 5:24 pm  #61

Re: House rules and changes to rules

I've at least had some family members to do a bit of gaming with.  On the plus side, I've probably written more adventures in the past couple years than in any other time span.  We even played a couple of the shorter ones.

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5/22/2021 5:10 am  #62

Re: House rules and changes to rules

Interesting: with the decreased face-to-face gaming this past year (we did do some: seasonal outside, distanced) I experimented with some AS&SH house-rules (roll-to-cast inspired by Chainmail, random level-gain benefits, random background generation from Through Sunken Lands, etc.), but also resumed work on my CT-inspired Sword & Planet rules. It's been a productive time "gaming", but on the "creative Ref" side, not so much at the table.

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5/22/2021 2:10 pm  #63

Re: House rules and changes to rules

Ghul, if/when/whatever I do get around to doing a weighted spell selection thing...how direct should I make the tables?

Just refer to it by number in the list or by name?

Roll 2d10 for a list of 17 spells. 2d10 gives 19 possibilties with a bell curve distribution.

I suppose I could do a percentage and keep the order preserved instead...

For example, level 1 pyromancer spell list

#   %   Spell list number
2   1    :   roll_again
3   2    :   3
4   3    :  10
5   4    :   2
6   5    :  11
7   6    :   6
8   7    :  13
9   8    :   8
10  9    :  14
11 10    :   7
12  9    :  16
13  8    :   1
14  7    :   5
15  6    :   9
16  5    :   4
17  4    :  15
18  3    :  17
19  2    :  12
20  1    :   roll_again

This website is nice to give the distributions for a variety of dice rolls.


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5/27/2021 12:00 pm  #64

Re: House rules and changes to rules

Since I'm not really in favor of weighted spell tables to begin with (all magic is arcane!), I guess it's up to you, giz! What if you made bell curve tables, as you suggested, and opened it to plug-and-play for individual referees? What I mean is, you have the distribution, and leave the column for the spells blank, allowing individual referees to decide which spells are more common and which spells are more rare in their version of Hyperborea. Just a thought...

HYPERBOREA- A Role-Playing Game of Swords, Sorcery, and Weird Science-Fantasy

5/27/2021 2:34 pm  #65

Re: House rules and changes to rules

Sounds like a plan.

I can make available my distributions and list the spell list number from the rules (instead of the spell names). That way folks can "see my" work as well as grab it and modify it themselves.

Sure a bit of indirection but doesn't step on your IP and might be of some aid for those so inclined.

This is really just to move a step beyond BA's NPC party generation from his Encounter Tables. Good for a "I need a party of NPC stat!", but also as a rough draft.

I could even have a selection of distributions to choose from. The flat percentage (easiest to implement), whatever I cook up, and maybe even folks could submit them.

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