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1/27/2019 5:59 am  #1

Larsha, City of the Dead:

The Ancient city of Larsha

Been working at the Ancient City of Larsha for a few weeks, based on an idea of Larsha from Lando the Archmage, who had once done a PbP of an adventure called 'The Throne of Blood,' for Conan D20.

His theory was that Larsha had an underground city, though no mention of the city aboveground on a plateau was mentioned, it, I presume is partly still there; after the earthquake that occurred after Conan pilfered the jade serpent statue and the rare twin emeralds.

Still I added my own ideas, though based on logic; like sewers (though I not give any maps on their design, they are shown on the 'Side View,' map) and other city life events.

The entrance to the 'Underground City of the Dead,' is through a giant carved human skull in the rock in a valley to south of ruined city.
De Camp has Larsha in the East of Shadizar, but I did not bother with that, and in most maps, most have it to the west, though some do put it in the east as de Camp states.

I kept the idea of Giant-Kings that de Camp mentions; I think it is a good idea, so as Howard states Giant Warriors attacked him and chase the two rogues out of the tomb/hill palace. What other Giants could they be.

I do presume the Giant-Kings are actually giants, perhaps, 8 to 10 foot tall, of some alien (though akin to Frost Giants in theory; if not similar; much like Æsir or Stygians are similar) creatures, maybe as Yag-Kosha was from another planet, so were they.

Still the theory, that the Giant-Kings had outposts in Zamora seems reasonable and much like the development of Stygia after the Khari conquered them; the Zhemri (Zamorians) absorbed the entities into their culture, though a typical Zhemri would not conquer, but by way of superable tactics; with use of deceit and mental manipulation of the elder culture.

Zadir to me is a small city/town, but others could be used it as a village or small hamlet; as a place to make a base to assault the city.

So here are some maps of Larsha; above and below ground and some levels in between. Larsha Maps:


1/27/2019 6:02 am  #2

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Adventure Ideas:

I think about 5-7 levels of a group of 4-6 characters (including NPCs); Though I could be wrong!

 Reasons for going to Larsha:

1: Loot...; tales in the Pit (maul) of Zadir of fabulous wealth hidden within its dark vaults, but no sane Zamorian thief would venture there.

2: Paid by an employer to gain an item or two. Throne of Blood (the throne can control hordes of undead and is made of human bones, skulls, etc.), Sceptre of Blood (assists in controlling hordes of Undead by allowing them to move through the land;creating cloudy weather, as sunlight destroys them), twin emeralds; not the fakes Conan took, but the true gems are in a Tomb, or in the gulf of Larsha, True Jade Serpent statue (think Yig), found in temple or in Gulf of Larsha, etc. There will be many sacred artefacts, in a city once populated by Giant-Kings.

3: Taken by slavers as prisoner to Larsha, for the Cultists; whether for sacrifice or servitude.

4: Hunting a thing, animal, slave, clue, mystery, fleeing guards of Zadir and oops, and ''what is this grinning skull-like image before us?''

5: ''Once I was in Khromarium, the next I was here, how did that happen?'' he asks, then he thinks and exclaims, ''that bastard Xathoqqua again!''

6: Player's/GM's Choice. 

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1/27/2019 6:08 am  #3

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:


Toll = 1 sp for strangers.

Encounters within the city: Roll every 1 hour, this is a important encounter to PCs, the adventurers sees many folk pass by, but this one is focused on the PCs only... 1-in-6 chance.

There was a giant Hyperborean renegade, taciturn, dangerous, with a broadsword strapped to his great gaunt frame―for men wore steel openly in the Maul.

~ The Tower of the Elephant; Robert E. Howard.

* Any guards seeing PCs walking in town well after they have arrived within it boundaries in full armour should be arrested for causing a disturbance; threatening behaviour is not tolerated in civilised places. Allow then leathers, or a mail vest hidden under a cloak, daggers, knives and the sword buckle at hip. But, not Heavy crossbows, lances large shield, full plate armour and 20 men-at-arms marching to and fro across the town. Rich merchants had about 2-6 guards, in thick tunics, clocks and daggers, with shortsword perhaps, lets not turn it into a D&D brawl. 

Within City:

Roll 2d6:

1-2: 1d6 Whores, 10% chance one is a Thief 3rd level.

3-5: 2d6 locals, coming and going from work or to it (0 level normals, 1-in-10 chance per 6 locals that one is of a PC Class of 1st to 4th level)

6-7: 2d6 guard (0 level fighters) plus 2nd level fighter (sergeant).

8: 1d8 Gang of Bandits (see Page: 367), they will seek to mug one of the PC and take his wealth, they will not kill if necessary.

9: 1d8 Gang of Brigands (Bandits); these will kill a Character and leave his bloody corpse in an ally.

10: 1d6 other PC types and retinue.

11: Local magistrate (0 level) and 6 guards, a Captain (6th level fighter) and a Sergeant (2nd level fighter). ''You there,'' he points at one of the PCs, ''what is your business in Zadir?''

12: One of the PCs is the object of another's hostility, Create NPC of 4th to 7th level of the major NPC Classes. Then roll on list below. Or add a favourite NPC who seeks revenge on group or PC and have them appear. 

Roll d6:

1: The NPC has sworn that the PC stole an important item from them and seeks legal aid, he will follow PCs to their lodging and send/seek help of the local authorities.

2: NPC will hire an assassin to kill PC, that night they will sneak into the PC's bedroom and attempt to slit their throat.

3: NPC attempts to get PC alone, sure of their own power to kill the PC by them self, will make sure no witnesses are near, perhaps send a note with a street-urchin to met him in the ally behind the inn, for example.

4: NPC is scared of PC and his friends, but he has just made an enemy who will seek to hinder the PC, perhaps when they return to Zadir, tired, wounded and laden with riches, he will strike, yes, he will strike, ha, ha, HA!

5: NPC craves more knowledge on PC before he strikes, he will hire more help (street thugs, the like) and like a pack wolves, tear down this noble stag, ha!

6: NPC is a sorcerer type and summons a dæmon to kill PC or some other assault. If non-magical Class, he will use tactics like snipering PC with a poisoned arrow, he truly hates the PC. But, he will run and hide if he fails and attempt another ploy, a gift of wine, poisoned of course, from an admiring lady, one day the PC will fail to see the trap and plummet to their death, ha! 

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1/27/2019 6:14 am  #4

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

On Mountain (To Larsha) and Valley of the Skullgate: 

Roll every hour, a 1-2 on a d6 creates an encounter.

(Savages use either Barbarians or Savages: See: Here: or Ape-man, or Berserkers, or Cave-men, Vhuurmis (Beast-Man), etc.).

Roll d6. 

1: 1d4+2 Man-apes (from cave; see map). No treasure/none/nada.... (use: APE, MOUNTAIN (Ogre): Page 300), their lair as a mass tribe in the cave,; a once lava tunnel, then underground river, now dry mostly and now their lair. There could be near 100 of these creatures from young to adult. They eat human meat, but also are controlled by the savage Shamans whom they fear and do not attack them or their people. 

2: 2d4 Savages (1st or 2nd level), those savages who do not think attack is a good course of action, will seek help. 

3: 2d6 Savages and Shaman 6th level. (some items, little treasure, semi-precious stones and carved bone). 

4: Zamorian Slavers 3d6 (half will be 1st or 2nd level Fighters and rest a mixture of Classes 1st to 3rd level, most equipped with spell to subdue and capture) and one 6th level leader (Class: random). Only give a quarter treasure on these foes. They have 6-24 slaves, 1-in-10 chance per 6 slaves of one being a PC Class of 1st to 4th level. They do not belong to cult, but have an arrangement with them. 

5: Wild animal, this could mostly be mountain goats, rabbits (killer), puma, screeching eagle above, but nothing strange, mostly they will attempt to avoid a large dangerous group. 

6: Stray lesser dæmon, only at night, if it sees group in daylight, it will follow and attack at night to take a stray guard. Of about 3 -4 HD, it will not be foolish in its attack. Use stats, but create a bizarre-unique shape as desired.  * Savages and their shaman watch the Valley and Skullgate regularly, so there should be a good 90% chance of a full squad, see number 3 above (maximum numbers) here; close to the entrance to underground city. 

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1/27/2019 6:27 am  #5

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

The Ancient Ruin City of Larsha 

Think walls: pictograms, murals, intricate stonework, pictures of war, farming, city-life, think Stygia and Zamora mixed into one culture. Think life, once farms grew around the city, thousands of years ago, vineyards in the valley etc.

Note: Dæmon guardian called Zarthos: (Think: DÆMON, GREATER, CLASS VI (Undead Type 13), 10 HD though and no summoning of other dæmons and cannot cast polymorph self or teleport. No weapons, just claws and bite. He is in fact a Servant of Yig.

Zarthos controls the undead horde by use of the throne of blood, which can control tens of thousands of the creatures. He also is master of the dæmons and other creatures of Larsha, so his faithful are mostly untouched. The odd cultist might have fallen into a pit trap or been crushed by fallen rock, but they have learned to avoid most dangers. Undead of Larsha are destroyed by direct sunlight, cloudy day are fine, but controlling weather is needed to assist in that goal. The Sceptre can control weather and keep the lands dark for weeks, but it needs at least four sacrifices per day 1/6 hours to fuel it. The priests are at present sacrificing to Zarthos and the power of the throne and sceptre, this Zarthos is channelling into these items. At present the Sceptre is fuelled to last a 100 days of activity before needing any sacrifices and the throne can last 1,000 days controlling 10,000 undead of 2HD, or 20,000 (1 HD) for 1000 days, etc., you get the idea, this has been fuelled by 100s of dead slaves.

To control a 100 (2 HD undead) needs one human sacrifice for 10 days of control (this also creates a 100 undead creatures, from a battlefield, for example). Passive control, like those in underground city, need only supervision from those on the throne. Marching an army to war requires power to control.
If a sorcerer controlled 10,000 (2 HD) for 100 days, but found a 10,000 dead soldier to raise, he could fuel it to control 20,000 (2 HD) for 50 days to balance the power.Destroying a whole city is treated as major sacrifices for the throne of blood, it relishes in war and destruction.

Priests and High Priest can summon an avatar of Zarthos into any statue (made of black granite) of the dæmon-god (requiring 1d6 rounds); but it will only have half power 5 HD, etc. 2 random spells, 6-in-20 chance resistance, etc. Silver weapons, fire (no reductions) can hurt it, and +1 or better weapons still. But Zarthos does not suffer once these avatars are destroyed, only the statue, once the image, which looks flesh and blood to the human eyes, turns to black dust and disperses over time.

 There is a statue of a dæmonic looking entity; bulky, with bat-like wings, deep set eyes, and wide flaring nostrils, a large mouth with two large fangs jutting downwards out of the top of its mouth. It stands between two smoking braziers. 

 This is a secret cult, unknown to many, only the slavers have an idea who is there, but this Zarthos, they have no idea of, even though they know the name and they no not of Yig.

* Cultists own one part of the underground complex and the central temple of the underground city and the city underground is patrolled by groups of skeletons and zombies. Citizens of the once great city. The city above has a cultist guard post near the city-gates which they control, but the rest of the city is guarded by a horrid creature of the ages. Maybe an Otyugh, or giant serpent of greater power than normal giant snakes (+4 HD), some chaos beast of tentacles and madness, etc. The cultists have warded the area between themselves and the gate, so the guardian will not attack them (treat it as a summon creature).

Note: Encounters in any Chambers (not tombs): Should be near 75% chance, whether it a kitchen with slaves in it, to a chantry with 1d6 cultists in it. I not creating an adventure here, but if for some random encounters, perhaps charts from other adventures can help.

But on map, there is some help, barracks = fighters, divination chamber = sorcerers, etc., and use encounter chart (not so far below) and see what you get. Fighters in chantry? = looking for an escaped slave, Priest in Barracks? = Blessing room? Get creative.

Doors, normal made of iron and wood, tomb doors some are thinner, weaker stone, other great blocks, never meant to be opened again. Some are great doors, only fit for Giant-Kings to open normally.

The city is a mixture of Giant-Kings and Zhemri influences as both group joined as one culture. Most undead are of Zhemri descent.
Statues on Altars, are of Zarthos; priests can summon in 1d6 round if allowed to concentrate. In Gulf area or Stonehill palace, each statue is of Yig. 

Sewers: Well, this should not be easy, but perhaps easier than trekking through city of undead, the odd, undead creature should be here, giant rats, rat swarms, carrion eaters and most creature that would not run in fear at the first sight of a zombie horde. It could be easy to get lost in sewers, but plenty of stanks and sewer entrances can allow one to mark one's way.

Greenstones: A bizarre greenstone is placed in most underground homes, (but also can grant light to the darker closets of the upper city) which illuminates slightly the interiors of buildings, but none are outside in the streets.

State of Maintenance: Apart from the dungeon, temple in central underground city, above city guardpost and Cultist's area, the rest is thick layered of dust, for example the central passage to stairs going down to temple from tomb area is well walked from the Cultist's Area; a very noticeable track goes back and forth which allows for avoiding any traps, this passage is free of monsters, traps of any kind, though random encounters can still happen, that are not traps (any traps rolled on this path is a no encounter). Most disused areas are covered in cobwebs, noticeable signs of rats and normal insects, but if a GM wants giant ticks, centipedes, etc., add to list below as an 'or,' effect; spirit ghost or.... 

Encounters In the Tombs and Area: 

Each (10x10) alcoves could hold one undead creature 90% of the time. (note alcoves, for once destroyed, they do not come back).

Roll 2d6:2

-6: Skeleton.

7-10: Zombie.
11: Ghoul.
12: Wight. 

(20x20) alcoves could hold larger undead (possible Giant-King Warriors). Just use above but add 2 HD and treat as large creatures and grant a +1 extra damage bonus. Bronze scales, bronze khopeshs. Some assistance: Giant Skeletons (Page: 390).  

Each Pit-Trap: Roll d6 (1-4: roll 1d6; 5-6: roll 2d6) x number by 10 feet; for the depths of pit. Any pit that drops an adventurer into another floor (level) will stop when it hits the next floor. So even if a 120 feet is actually rolled, the drop might only go for 40 to 100 feet, for example. A pit-trap has a 1-in-6 chance of having spikes if it does not open to a new level. Roll 1d6 for how many spikes hit, treat as daggers.  

Roll each 3d6 minutes while in tomb area and roll for a random Trap or Encounter.  1-in-6 chance of encounter. 

Roll 2d6: 

1-4: Deadfall: Fallen masonry, 1-3 intentional, 4-6 natural fault. Does either 50/50 chance of 2d6 damage or 3d6 damage. Roll under Dex for half-damage.  

5-7: Dart Trap: Dart with ancient poison still on tip (must be magic); still there is a 50% chance poison has faded in time. Dart (normal dart damage) has a chance to hit as a 3rd level fighter. Poison (Black Lotus juice): This fatal poison is now faded with age and will not kill: A fail Poison Save will cause 1d6 damage from internal cramp and cause disorientation for 1d6 hours, unless cured by 'Remove Poison,' spell, which grants a -2 penalty to any roll the character makes for the duration, also half their speed as they are prone to stagger and halt in their progress due to exhaustion and difficultly breathing.  

8: Ancient Runes: Etched on wall, flare in an emerald hue as the air goes thick as soot around you and you gag: Roll vs spells. Well How cruel could I be? 

Roll d6: 

1-2: Normal Magician spell.
3-4: Necromancy spell.
5-6: Cryomancy spell. 

Roll 2d6 for level of spell. 

1-4: Level 1. 
5-7: Level 2. 
7-8: Level 3. 
9-10: Level 4. 
11: Level 5. 
12: Level 6. 

Once level of spell is achieved. Roll on list of that level... So what happens if it is a Detect Magic spell is cast on adventurer, well let it be, who knows why a sorcerer would cast a detect magic on another, possible to see who approaches and how powerful they are, so there is chance of benign magic cast and no harmful effects and a possible benefit to adventurer? Through try to be reasonable a protection from evil and character is good, though is theory acting against summoned creatures, let it be against adventurers and throws up an invisible wall they cannot pass without making a Willpower save or something?  

9: Spirit of the Dead Attack: attempting to possess and destroy the soul of the adventurer: Ghost has a Wis of 3d6, allow a spiritual assault; each must roll under their Wis score, any failure reduces the Wis score by 1 point. Keep rolling till spirit is banished (treat as a ghoul for turning purposes) or one of the combatants reaches zero Wis and dies or in theory their soul is destroyed forever... (Wis heals at 1 point/hour after combat)  

10-11: The Presence of the Jade Serpent:  This can take many forms... (Roll: d6) 1-2: A harmless image of a shimmering jade cobra, this could be about man size to giant, to as small as a normal cobra, it sways before the adventurers, before after 3d6 seconds, it fades. 3-4: As above; but it strikes as a normal Cobra (see page 393; 2E) or Roll d6 for random snake (there is 5 snakes, do the maths) (if 6, use Giant Snakes, ignoring water snake and roll d6 from one of the other 3 choices*). *But cobra cannot spit venom. 5-6: The Doom of a God: The adventurer must save vs spells or be cursed to find the secret of Larsha; this should be in the 'Gulf of Larsha,' and that secret is aaagahaaaha!!! They cannot leave the ruin city of Larsha till they find it. Any adventurer taken from the ruin and returned to Zadir or another location will brood on the lose of the knowledge of life and seek to return or loose 1 point in any attribute permanently (player's choice which attribute) per d3 months till at least they are in the city again. If they find the truth, they can go free, ha, ha, ha!  

12: Hear a far off faint whisper (it sound to the adventure like a female human sing mournfully, but enchantingly): Save vs spells: or be drawn to the source of the call (see Page: 259). 

Roll d6. 

1: Find an escaped slave female (0 level normal human), near naked and alone, maybe slightly mad, but happy to see group and she will cling to the highest Charisma male's arm (leave her to die at the peril of your own soul). 

2: It was just the wind, but the sound did echo from a well, exit tunnel or cavern system, whatever is closer... 

3: Gorgon (Page: 352), 90% of lesser or 10% greater (maximum 3 in Larsha). 

4: Find a ceremony; 2d6 cultists, 1 priest, 1d6 guards, 2d6 female naked slaves, chanting to a statue of Zarthos. 

5: Dæmon, Greater, Class V. This one only has only two arms and cannot summon other dæmons (cannot levitate or teleport). Only one in Larsha, if rolled again and is dead, use a lesser Dæmon 3-4 HD. 

6: Sister to Akivasha' called: Akavashi; Vampire (page: 408). She will ignore most and attempt to seduce the male with the highest charisma that has not got a flowing white beard. Akavashi will flee rather than be destroyed.  

Tombs and Crypts:

 In each tomb is a 75% chance of an undead Giant-King, who will rise to protect their lair.  Some are no more powerful than a giant skeleton (add 2 HD, etc.), but some are Liches, Mummies, Vampires, entering a Crypt of an ancient Giant-King is not for the faint hearted. Conan stories do not insist heroes search every room, they can even run if they think it is necessary and not lose any honour. Remember Giant-Kings add 2 HD and are treated as Large sized. Zarthos does not control these undead, though he could, he had no part in their creation, this was done either by themselves or those who mummified them, etc.  

Cultist's Area (Dungeon And Temple, guardpost in upper city): 

Cultists (Acolytes) should be Priest Class of 1st and 2nd level (in light tan priestly robes) for most (maybe use for some; Priest of Yig: See ). There is a few higher level Priest (6th level) (about 4-6 in number, some maybe away from temple at present, but will return) and one High Priest called Carnos (9th level). Guard: 0 level Fighters. With some 2nd level sergeants (x10?) mail, shield, scimitar, two 6th level Captains and a commander 9th level. How many guards and Acolytes: 100 guards (0 level) thick leathers, shields, scimitars and 50 acolytes (have scimitars also, allow for proficiency with weapon, it is a Zarthos thing). 

Roll every 3d6 minutes; and a 1-2 on a d6 will create an encounter. 

Roll d6 again: 

1: Acolyte (cultist) 1d6 in number. 

2: 1d6 guards and one sergeant patrolling. 

3: Slaves (Males only): 1d6 (0 level normals 1 in 10 chance a PC type though of 1st to 4th level and subdued, half hp, MU have no spells, etc.), only in sandals and a loincloth. They are either on an errand or cleaning corridors, etc. 

4: Mixed group, 1d6 cultists, 1d6 guards and 2d6 slaves, most 75% females (sacrifices/brides). 

5: Priest and 1d6 cultists. 

6: Captain, 1 sergeant, 2d4 guards. 

Any who escape will send out an alarm, gongs will echo through the tunnels of the area and the hounds will be set loose. 

Hounds: Treat as dire wolves, but described as dæmonic hounds, with dark fur and bright red eyes. If not loose, they will be in kennels. These hounds will attack friend or foe (50% chance they attack cultists, guards, slaves, etc., 75% chance if no tamer is nearby); if not controlled property by their keepers (some kind of Beastmaster). There are a dozen hounds in total. 

Beastmaster (Huntsmen 4th level) x6. (Beast will never attack them, unless beastmaster in under 10 hp and hound is healthy and perceives it can escape).

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1/27/2019 6:30 am  #6

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Underground City of the Dead/ or Stonehill Palace. 


Underground City: Encounters happen at near every street, corner, building, lane, no matter were the group goes, the undead patrol; walking through the city; as if going through their daily lives. So there is no escaping them, there is thousands of them. Though each encounter is varied. Most are citizens, but give a 25% chance each encounter will have armour, bronze scale and shields and weapons, scimitars, spears, etc. but -1 damage and armour at -2 AC as it old. 

Stonehill Palace: 60% are guards in armour, rest servants, most do not wander, dormant in their rooms, but the odd wanderer may occur; 1-in-6 chance per 20 minutes. 

Roll 2d6: 

2: 1d6 skeletons. 

3: 1d6 Zombies. 

4: 1d3 skeletons and 1d3 zombies. 

5: 1d6 skeletons and 1d3 zombies. 

6: 1d4 skeletons and 1d4 zombies. 

7: 1d6 skeletons and 1d6 zombies. 

8: 1d6 skeletons and 1d6 zombies and 1 ghoul. 

9: 1d6 skeletons and 1d6 zombies and 1 wight. 

10: 7: 2d6 skeletons and 2d6 zombies. 

11: 7: 1d3 ghouls and 1d6 zombies. 

12: 1d3 wights and 1d6 zombies. 

Note: Stonehill Palace (level 1 and basement) was based on Wesley Connally's map for 'Hall of the Dead AD&D 2E Conan scenario; so I add his map also and my new version of his map with few extra stairs and an advanced palace map for this adventure. Thought it fun to keep thing similar.

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1/27/2019 6:34 am  #7

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

The Gulf of Larsha 

The fetid smell of death from the pit wafting upwards was enough to nauseate... 

Once there was a lift down to the levels below, but it is long fallen apart and corroded. The iron cast frame and loop hole at the top of the shaft is still intact. But no ropes. There is no winch, it was done by manual labour; were slaves would lower the platform to the level required. 

A total of 12 night-gaunts haunt these labyrinths, once destroyed, they are gone, unless something summons them back, but at present, nothing should be able to draw them forth from the darkness. Once summon back, they will permanently stay, whether spell allows it or not, but will never leave the Gulf or the temple above if they can gain access to it. Tactic: grab a foe and drop them down the pit. Once bound to the Gulf to inter any great Giant-King emperor into the most sacred of tombs and guard the gulf from harm; any supreme king of kings was granted this honour, and in the times of the lowly cultural mix, the kings of king's lands stretch once to the Vilayet and beyond. Here lie those few; for the lifespan of a Giant-King is long indeed. 

Tombs of King of Kings: Liches, Mummies, Vampires, are within these Crypts of an ancient Giant-King Emperor. These Giant-Kings are more powerful add 3 HD and are treated as Large sized. In these tombs will be wealth beyond imagination, enough to confuse any delver, whose greed outweighs their strength to carry out the abundance of so many riches. Zarthos does not control these undead, though he could, he had no part in their creation, this was done either by themselves or those who mummified them, etc.  

Wandering Monsters: Wights and ghouls patrol this area, and other types, Intestine Zombies, ghasts, maybe ghosts, who knows, but it might get overcrowded if too many. Ghouls and wights make their lairs close to the food that is thrown regularly down the shaft, so most keep to the forth level, but they can wander through the stairwells to the first level if they need a change of scenery. Each Alcove has a guard, placed many many years ago and any that reach this part will be the first living thing for thousands of years. So, there is dust, but not even spiders (normal household) will come down here.  

Level 1: Giant Spitting Cobra is in pit at temple on Level 1, it cannot get out of pit, due to the turned down spikes surrounding its pit. It is dæmonic so does not need to eat, though it will gladly do so it an creature presents itself. Grant this creature an extra 2 HD for a total of 10 HD. There should be a good reason for a PC to go into Pit, as near its sleeping head is a sacred item, perhaps the Sceptre of Blood or one of the Emerald gems 'The Eye of Yig,' that once the pair are together brings about the end of the world, ah, I mean, allows the user to see in the dark, see past, present and future at will; and then they go completely mad, unless they have the blood of Giant-Kings in their veins.  

Level 2: Holds a few sealed vaults, which contain rare artefacts of power. Many guard rooms/chambers, alcoves as usual hold undead. These should be more powerful undead, but still mindless. Giant warriors of the Giant-Kings. Skeletons and Zombies; Bronze scales, bronze khopeshs. (+3 HD and large size, grant a +2 extra damage bonus).  

Level 3: Tomb level of powerful Giant-Kings.  

Level 4: Tomb level of Emperor Giant-Kings... And home of Zarthos. He sits on his throne of blood in a great hall, secure behind mighty doors, it would take great magic or skill to surprise him. * A huge pile of bones fills the central chamber of this level; dropped down the shaft by priests from dead sacrifices, some rise as undead, but most are eaten by the ghouls and wights here, and four open archways lead to the rest of the level. Undead patrol this level also. Ghouls and wights mostly (who are easily feed from the bodies dropped down the pit**), but the rare bizarre clanking skeleton can be found or moaning zombie wander these halls. ** If no cultist remains to feed them, they will suffer? There is no way out, but a long climb, perhaps they could do it, but they have had no reason at present to try. Then get by the altar resting on the exit out to the shrine in temple. Note: Traversing over these bones is at quarter movement. If Zarthos wills, some of these skeletons could form and grapple with those that walk over them, but he must be sitting on his throne. Allow Zarthos to see what happens in his realm while sitting on his throne. 


Zarthos had breed with some of the slave females, those that have conceived to him, created half-dæmons; how many of these things are here. 

Note: Cult has only been in power in this city for about 12 years. (my theory is Conan is king of Aquilonia as I created this; and cult only came after about eight years after earthquake which Conan the Thief ran from). So how many females were given to Zarthos as brides, every virile beautiful female, over 12 years this could be quite a bit? Still even at 1 a year that conceives and gives birth (probably dying in the process? GM choice), depending on how quick a spawn could grow? Well if for every 1 year the spawn grows 2 or 3 years, you can do the maths. A few would be mature enough to be a great threat. But whether they stay or trek off into the world to do their thing, is another matter. 

What does a 6 year old half-dæmon look like?

 Thaltos holds the youth's gaze and laughs, "Ah, now the real questions begin. The throne is an ancient artefact from aeons ago and is of great value to me. It's a throne made for one skilled in the right arts to sit upon it. It's made from the skulls of those who bore witness to its power and their eye-sockets are set with rich blood rubies." 

Dæmon guardian called Zarthos: (DÆMON, GREATER, CLASS VI (Undead Type 13), 10 HD only, with no summoning of other dæmons and cannot cast polymorph self or teleport. No weapons, just claws and bite. He is in fact a Servant of Yig.

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1/27/2019 6:38 am  #8

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Meant to add above...

Priests could be Priest of Yig (see: Here:

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1/27/2019 6:57 am  #9

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Wow, this is awesome! Did you do the maps too? Are the keys coming?

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1/27/2019 10:27 am  #10

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Wow! That's a major campaign right there in just a few posts! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing!


1/27/2019 3:21 pm  #11

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Nice work!

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1/27/2019 5:05 pm  #12

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Woah. This deserves a full reading later!

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1/28/2019 6:16 am  #13

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Yeah Chainsaw, I did maps, in only a short month, much to my surprise.

Naw you will have to bust down every door individually...

There is a legend chart in flickr….


Cheers Men, appreciate it, yeah lot of stuff, but just an idea, GMs should adapt to their own personal needs.

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2/09/2019 10:17 am  #14

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Chainsaw wrote:

Wow, this is awesome! Did you do the maps too? Are the keys coming?

It takes a bit of time for my brain to work sometimes, ah the key...?!

As noted on maps they can direct folks to different locations by their descriptions.

But, as for cities below and above, there really was no cert pattern and only done to give the city structure, please feel free to add your own ideas to the city.

* The palace in centre will be the royal district, and across the road is a temple complex, the reason for city buildings; is I was leaving for folks to do as they will. But my thought were that most of the Giant-Kings own the uppercity (so building will have greater sized doors and higher ceilings) and the Zhemri the lower (though Zhemri would still behave as servant in uppercity, etc., with a few rich ones owning houses etc.), for example: The uppercity is really just completely the noble district to be truthful and lowercity: the serfs, crafters and rich merchants, etc.

To my thinking even the poor were rich in Larsha

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3/24/2019 6:44 am  #15

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Redid the Abyss of Larsha Map; Reason is the 60 foot pit on level 1, collided with level 2, so adjusted corridors in level 2 to sort. The map is in link above in first post.

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8/12/2019 5:49 pm  #16

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Brilliant Work-- Def stealing these for my campaign.

"We alone of all mankind, who are sorcerers of high attainment and mastery, may endure the lethal ice-change and become breathers of the airless void, and thus, in the end, be made suitable for the provender of such as Rlim Shaikorth." sounds great unless you know what Provender means.

8/14/2019 5:23 am  #17

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Cheers Rennalds, appreciated. Good to know they are to be used.

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8/14/2019 7:43 am  #18

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Great work Captain!!!

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8/15/2019 5:48 am  #19

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

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4/12/2020 6:45 am  #20

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Wow very impressive! Which program do you use for your map?


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