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12/04/2018 2:33 pm  #1

Age of Barbarian (video game)

At the time of writing I own 193 games on Steam and Age of Barbarian is the first one that scratches my Swords & Sorcery itch. This game is way out of the mainstream, NSFW, and definitely not for everyone but I imagine a few people on the board might be interested.

The Good
Atmosphere. The aesthetic is familiar to fans of R.E.H., Frazetta, Vallejo, Heavy Metal magazine, Fire & Ice, etc. This is the primary major draw for me.

The gameplay would be familiar to anyone who played 80's and 90's side scrollers. The basic formula is improved upon with features like save points, xp progression, vendors, and inventory management.

Six years after release, the developer seems pretty active and updates are more frequent than I expected. Initial bugs and glitches seem to have been ironed out.

The Bad
This is not The Witcher 3 or GTA V. This is a lone programmer's labor of love that lacks the polish and content of a AAA game with a staff of hundreds.

If you have never played a pre-2000 game this might be frustrating or difficult. The gameplay is unforgiving, complete with insta-death traps and bosses who kill you in 1 or 2 hits. I am playing on the easiest difficulty and still find it challenging after 6 hours of play.

Hard R rating with nudity and bloody violence including decapitations and castrations. Obviously this is not something you want to play around children or coworkers.

Amateur voice acting. Not a big deal for me but I understand it is a deal breaker for others.

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