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Hyperborea » Cuthulu vs Kraken » 10/02/2021 5:35 am

I'm currently running a campaign and mapping out a loose outline for how it may conclude. The idea in mind is that ancient mutated hyperboreans dwelling in an under city beneath Alus Mercury seek to raise Kraken, with their main goal to return to the past before the ashen worms arrival. The reason for choosing Kraken is that one of the forces associated with him is time travel. So far so good.

One thing that sticks out to me is that cuthulus cult has a presence throughout several of the players adventures. Most likely they will associate the two gods as being connected given that there's some overlapping aspects. Which got me wondering- does anyone here have some ideas on how they handle the two gods? Do you differentiate them or link them as both being great old ones?

Looking through the text it seems that Kraken dosent actually have a strong association with the ocean or bodies of water like cuthulu does, and instead seems to mainly be about crossing dimensions. In my mind adventures featuring deep ones and fish men are more in line with cuthulu, while outer planar creatures are more in line with Kraken. I also associate madness and eldritch knowledge with cuthulu while Kraken seems like a destructive force of nature. If anyone has some other ideas on how to distinguish the two gods and their cults id love to hear them.

Hyperborea » Carolingian Franks » 7/02/2021 12:13 am

Ghul wrote:

A race of medium to large people with fair skin, and variable hair and eye colour. In days of yore, Carolingian Franks dwelled in the Cape Calencia region, but they were nearly decimated by the Green Death. Their race is descended from warriors who served Charlemagne of Old Earth. They were at war with the Moors, whom they engaged in the Pyrenees Mountains. When the opposing legions met in a fertile mountain valley farmed by peasants, a strange being known as Tantugou engulfed both armies in a churning mist and whisked them away to far-flung Hyperborea. Most Carolingians have returned to the faith of their pagan roots, replacing Christ with Apollo. Typical homelands are as follows:

  • Cape Calencia: A small, forested horn with massive redwood trees. In small family groups, Carolingians build on the ancient ruins of Hyperborean settlements.
  • City-State of Khromarium (see “common” race)

Well that covers everything I was looking for. Thank you!

Hyperborea » Carolingian Franks » 7/01/2021 12:30 am

My group is starting a new campaign soon and after reading the info about the upcoming third edition one player requested to play a Carolingian Frank paladin. This lead to the question of what religion would he be? I dont mind the character being Christian, but in being a paladin it seems that his monotheistic views would directly clash with the polytheism practiced everywhere in the setting. Which would lead to conflicts like almost everyone be treated with hostility as a heretic, or refusing healing magic from other deities. It could be mostly hand waved away or I can come up with some alternative explanation as to why they tolerate pagans, or even just say theyve adopted the hyperborean gods. How do you guys think it should be resolved?

Hyperborea » Atlanteans » 7/01/2021 12:06 am

rhialto wrote:

IMH the Hyperboreans and Atlanteans are derived from Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy: 2nd and 4th (the Lemurians being the 3rd) of the Root Races. As such the Atlanteans are more technologically and sorcerously/psychically advanced than either of the earlier races. My Hyperboreans look down on everyone else. https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

That is interesting. The way we've presented it in our campaign is that the Atlanteans had the most advanced technology, but the hyperboreans power of sorcery was unrivaled.

gizmomathboy wrote:

I dumped some of my weird science stuff over here


I also need to toss in some conversions I needed to go from Melan's stuff to Hyperborea

Very cool. Thanks for the link.

Ghul wrote:

The Atlanteans, Lemurians, and Mu were coevals of the Hyperboreans and even paid tribute to them, according to legend, as Hyperborea was esteemed as the most powerful nation of Earth. The Atlanteans and the Mu were permitted to occupy islands off mainland Hyperborea and develop sorceries and sciences that the Hyperboreans sought to utilize, so they were present before Hyperborea separated from Old Earth. The Lemurians, however, did not come to occupy any part of the Hyperborean plane until just before the Green Death, when their Lemurian Remnant arrived.  

Regarding Atlantean aquatic traits, this is left vague by intent.

Awesome that description is exactly what I was looking for. I also found some useful info in for the lost treasure of Atlantis adventure module about Atlanteans paying tribute to the hyperboreans. Much appreciated.

Hyperborea » Atlanteans » 6/08/2021 3:13 am

From what I can tell it seems that the details around Atlanteans are relatively scarce. I understand they are in a state of decline, but I'm unsure if they arrived at hyperborea already in decline or if they thrived for a time. I'm also unsure if they came to hyperborea at the same time as the other races (after the ashen worms ice age ended) or if it happened earlier.

I'm also curious as to whether their technology are essentially artifacts from a golden age on old earth, or if they were created and employed after they came to hyperborea, which would suggest they thrived at some point after their arrival.

I'm also wondering how Hyperboreans regard Atlanteans given the technological and magical achievements the Atlanteans managed to create.

What do you guys think?

Rules Discussion » House rules and changes to rules » 5/19/2021 3:00 am

With only a few sessions of the current campaign I'm in left and all of our characters high level, we ran into an issue where two spells in particular seem more or less obsolete. Those being ice storm and cone of cold.

Since the casters are 11th and 12th level their magic missiles are doing about as much as an ice storm spell, and cone of cold is outclassed by fireball/lightning bolt.

Because of this we're considering having ice storm add an extra d10 damage at level 9, and an additional d10 damage at level 11. And for cone of cold simply giving it no save (or alternatively an additional +1 per die).

Does this seem over powered? Or has anyone else ran into this? It's not a huge shift and almost not worth the trouble, but players have asked multiple times now "why would I choose this" when considering those spells and I dont really have a good answer. Cone of cold and ice storm seem to be inferior to lower level damage spells in nearly all aspects.

HYPERBOREA 3E » What makes it a Third Edition? » 5/13/2021 8:45 am

Will the timeline of hyperboreas history be re written (stuff like the ashen worm and green death) to account for the new races, or do you plan on keeping it as written and the new races be more recent arrivals to the setting?

Rules Discussion » House rules and changes to rules » 11/10/2020 8:09 am

1) Attribute tests, because I dislike juggling sub systems,

Score / test of x

18 is 10:12

17 is 9:12

15-16 is 8:12

13-14 is 7:12

10-12 is 6:12

9 is 5:12

8 is 4:12

7 is 3:12

For attribute checks that are a challenge equal to an extraordinary feat, a penalty of minus 5 is applied.

This way whether you're tracking, jumping to a ledge, or lifting a barred gate, it all uses the same die. It also provides a little more variation between attributes than the d6 attribute tests.

2) Initiative,

Initiative is rolled once and recorded as the battle starts. All combatants roll a d10 + weapon class + Dexterity modifier (uses AC adjustment). Monsters usually add their hit die. Missiles are treated as weapon class 4. Magic is treated as weapon class 3, and adds either the casters INT or WIS modifier depending whether the caster is arcane or divine.

Characters that go before the monster are group A. Characters that go after the monster are in group B. Every round it goes: Group A, Monster, Group B.

3) Mass Combat, so that high level characters can better fend off getting swarmed,

All characters double their attacks against 0 level opponents. However once fighters (not their sub classes) reach level 2 they instead get their level in bonus attacks, on top of their normal attack routine.

4) Core classes, to make them a little more attractive

Fighters: Crit on 19 and 20s.

Clerics: Get lay on hands (2hp/level). It replenishes every day, and they may distribute this pool of healing however they'd like. This frees up some spell slots that would almost always be used for cure spells.

Thieves: For all thief skills a pure thief rolls 2d12s and takes the better result.

Wizards: Can learn spells from any of the other arcane spell lists at a -10% chance. They must do this by copying other spell books or scrolls that they find, not something they automatically get on a level up.

5) Ascensing armor class

6) Chases


General Discussion » Hyperborean races based on real world races? » 2/12/2020 11:41 pm

>"The Kimmerians appear to be based on the Cimmerians/Kimmerians of ancient Earth; maybe Scythian or Sarmatian, if you want to generalize classical era nomads from the area north and east of the Black Sea."

Understood thanks. I'm surprised to see no greek or Roman equivalent in the game.

General Discussion » Hyperborean races based on real world races? » 2/12/2020 5:30 am

Can anyone tell me what the analogs are between the hyperborean races and real world races? I have a pretty good idea for most of them besides the Kimmerians.

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