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Hyperborea » A question about the setting as a whole » 5/05/2018 3:59 am

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Cool. Got it.

There's some awesome stuff in this book. I'm gonna use as much as I can, but I'm also very motivated after reading through REH and HPL stuff (CAS is next on the list!) to draw heavily from these books. I think everything else you're saying is spot on what I'm wanting to do to.

Brock Savage wrote:

a random selection of 100 DMs will have 100 different visions of Hyperborea.

Right on. Now I'll be number 101 ;)

Hyperborea » A question about the setting as a whole » 5/04/2018 9:34 pm

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I am certain this is a bit of a dumb question. I've read through much of the REH Conan material and I've perused a bit of the 2e AS&SH book and I'm a little confused on something and trying to reconcile this for my own home campaign setting.

Simply, why are some things different in the world setting?

Example, the map (that I believe was drawn by REH) in my book (Complete Chronicles of Conan) which is very different than the AS&SH Hyperborean map on the resource page or what is sold in the store (or sent with the Kickstarter). And then in the gazetteer, there are some notable gods missing etc.

Is this simply that the AS&SH default setting is only based on REH's Hyborea (and the later pastiches) [and obviously then expanded upon] and so some things are different for licensing purposes, etc?

Just curious so I can piece this together. Thanks!

FYI: sorry, I tried to add links to show the differences, but I'm a newb and can't post links yet ;)

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