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Rules Discussion » Weapon range based on WC » 1/03/2019 2:41 pm

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Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting as my group is just now getting ready to try AS&SH for the first time, and are excited to do so.

The questions I have are in regards to the passage on pg. 248 where it says, " Combatants must be within weapon reach: 5 feet for WC 0–3 weapons, 10 feet for WC 4–5, and 15–20 feet for WC 6 weapons." Does this mean WC 4-5 must fight at a distance of 10 feet or can fight up to 10 feet? Also, for WC 6 it gives a range of 15-20 feet, must the weapons be used at this distance or up to?

Thank you for any and all help!

Edit: Thank you for all of your advice. I believe I will treat the given distances as the maximum range, and us DMPrata's advice to give the pike a penalty in close-quarters.

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