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Convention and Game Day » Con of Champions (2020) » 5/13/2020 9:37 pm

Wow super filled up with 13 on the waitlist.  Shew!  Yea missed that staggered ticket openings process earlier.  I see why they did, but craziness...I wish I had more time that weekend to run more events! Ugh life...

Announcements » Glacial Ice ~ Hyperborean Dice » 5/13/2020 8:14 pm

Ha! “Black Gulfs” would be awesome . Yep getting at least one...or seven

Convention and Game Day » Con of Champions (2020) » 5/09/2020 9:54 pm

It looks like depending on which badge level you ordered the ability to get tickets opens up every day until 5/12.  So for example some badges allowed tickets to be purchased on 5/8, and a more expensive one allowed tickets to be purchased earlier.  But if everyone who is currently on the waitlist had the same potential ticket day available from their badges,  I’m not sure why the other 2 seats left would be unavailable for some reason right now...9 people on the waitlist as of tonight! Shew!  Maybe they’ll open up again tomorrow?

Announcements » HYPERBOREA SOLD OUT! » 5/08/2020 10:22 pm

But...there's one right that picture   Congrats!!

Hyperborea » Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial) » 5/05/2020 10:13 pm

Ooo just saw this tide data.  So awesome.

Convention and Game Day » Con of Champions (2020) » 5/05/2020 10:06 pm

We definitely need more Hyperborea events for the upcoming Virtual Con of Champions to support Tabletop Events. I can’t be the only one!!

Convention and Game Day » Kobold Con (2020) » 5/05/2020 10:04 pm

I’m running the Rim of the World again for the virtual Con of Champions at the end of May! Come join then . Sign ups are soon!!

Announcements » HYPERBOREA: Otherworldly Tales » 11/30/2019 10:54 pm

Just read through the Sea Wolf's good...and so mean at the same time...LOVE IT!

Convention and Game Day » PAX Unplugged » 11/30/2019 12:06 pm

Hey everyone, I now find myself with an open hotel room sharing spot if anyone needs to share that might be going this weekend to PAX.  One of my friends had to drop last minute unfortunately.  Let me know if anyone knows of someone who might like to share a room. Thanks!

Convention and Game Day » PAX Unplugged » 11/16/2019 6:41 pm

Looks like there is another AS&SH game in the same room as Mabon's game at the same time slot   They just posted an already full table and will be running The Mystery at Port Greely for 8 hours!  Awesome!  Good to see the AS&SH presence growing!

Convention and Game Day » PAX Unplugged » 11/05/2019 5:43 pm

Sidebar...ASSH needs some more and better reviews on BGG/RPGG!!

Convention and Game Day » PAX Unplugged » 11/05/2019 12:30 pm

mabon5127 wrote:

I dropped a game in. This is the strangest convention. Very loosey-goosey on the organization for a con this large.  We'll see what happens.


Convention and Game Day » PAX Unplugged » 11/04/2019 9:25 pm

Hmm, might try to post an event on BGG, at the link below soon to start seeing if we can get any pre-con AS&SH interest.

Convention and Game Day » PAX Unplugged » 10/29/2019 9:21 pm

Yep! Hotel reserved and weekend badge now secured   Bring on the PAX Unplugged AS&SH!!

Convention and Game Day » TotalCon 2020 (Feb 20-23, Marlborough MA) » 10/24/2019 8:45 pm

Oh no, too many good events already to choose from!  Gonna be tough this year...

Convention and Game Day » PAX Unplugged » 10/19/2019 10:17 am

mabon5127 wrote:

rhialto wrote:

Ah, I'll have to put this on my schedule then!

The gaming is not very organized and seems to be all open gaming. I plan on putting a sign up in the booth for a night game and be available for that type of thing each evening.

Nice!  Need any help?  I think I’m trying to finalize plans for attending this too!

Convention and Game Day » TotalCon 2020 (Feb 20-23, Marlborough MA) » 10/19/2019 10:11 am

DMPrata wrote:

I’ll be running Chainsaw’s The Lost Treasure of Atlantis all day Thursday and Friday (pending event approval). It’ll be tag-team style, so new players can come and go every four hours. Maybe some brave soul will attempt to complete the whole thing by committing to the full 24 hours.

Challenge accepted!

General Discussion » New first impression video » 9/05/2019 7:50 pm

Nice overview video!  Looking forward to more content!

Convention and Game Day » PAX Unplugged » 9/03/2019 8:44 pm

Anyone going this December 6-8/2019??

Campaign » AS&SH Podcast: Tales from Hyperborea » 5/10/2019 10:35 pm

So...we crazily took the plunge and have started an AS&SH podcast if anyone is interested   Now on Apple, Spotify, Google, etc. as well.  Just search for "Tales from Hyperborea".  I have added the links to my signature if anyone wants to know more about the show or the direct link to the podcast hosting website.  Hope to help spread the word around more about this fantastic game system and setting!


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