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11/13/2017 9:21 pm  #1

Gary Con X (2018) AS&SH Event Summary

Lots of great AS&SH games scheduled for Gary Con! We hope everyone finds this quick reference guide helpful. If you have an addition, please post the details in the Gary Con X (2018) thread and we'll update this list. Thanks to everyone who's running games and to everyone who signs up for them - should be another fun time this year. March can't get here soon enough!

P.S. Remember, anyone running AS&SH games gets a special, complimentary referee shirt, and rumor has it there’s a cool new design this year.

10AM-2PM - The Lost City, Part 1 (mordegast)
12PM-4PM - Slade’s Cup (mabon5127)
2PM-6PM - Crash at Corpse Creek (Chainsaw)
6PM-10PM - Slade’s Cup (mabon5127)
8PM-12AM - Foolsgrave (Chainsaw)

8AM-12PM - The Devil Made Us Do It The First Time (lige)
10AM-2PM - The Lost City, Part 2 (mordegast)
12PM-4PM - Unearned Shame (mabon5127)
2PM-6PM - Crash at Corpse Creek (Chainsaw)
2PM-6PM - Too Long in the Midnight Sea (lige)
6PM-10PM - Unearned Shame (mabon5127)
8PM-12AM - Foolsgrave (Chainsaw)
8PM-12AM - The Palace Ruins of Xambaala (Ghul)

9AM-1PM - Taken from Dunwich (Chainsaw)
10AM-2PM - Escape from Onja Cot (francisca)
2PM-6PM - Descent into Krimmea (Ar’Pharazon)
2PM-6PM - The Strange Tale of Crystal Point (Chainsaw)
3PM-7PM - The Devil Made Us Do It The First Time (lige)
8PM-12AM - Foolsgrave (Chainsaw)
8PM-12AM - Celebrity D&D: The Ice Sphinx (Ghul)

6PM-10PM - Descent into Krimmea (Ar’Pharazon)

Event Descriptions
Celebrity D&D: The Ice Sphinx Featuring Jeffrey Talanian (Ghul, Sat 8PM-12AM). Nightfall: a one-year timespan in Hyperborea, when the giant red sun does not reveal its face, and scant light is provided only by sparkling auroræ and the two ellipsoid moons. It is also the time of winter, when temperatures plummet, winds howl, and glaciers crawl hungrily. In the Keltic city of Gal, local shepherds have arrived bearing alarming news: Whilst gathering their flocks in the fields below the southern mountains of the Broken Coast, they spied a sphinx composed of ice. One herdsman’s brazen sons dared enter the mouth of the sphinx, and at length they emerged with a handful of sapphires. Since then, a voluminous wall of ice has formed, spreading outward from the ice sphinx and consuming all in its path.

Crash at Corpse Creek (Chainsaw, Thurs/Fri 2PM-6PM). A strange object has fallen from the stars, crashing into the cold, haunted swamp of Corpse Creek. Several curious trappers from a nearby camp went to investigate, but none have returned. The remainder have hired your group to find their friends, but they warn you that Corpse Creek teems with the living dead and that its strange bugs have awakened early from their winter freeze, including some giant varieties never seen before in Hyperborea. A site-based adventure for up to six player characters of levels 3-5.

Descent into Krimmea (Ar’Pharazon, Sat 2PM-6PM, Sun 6PM-10PM). Krimmea: The lost underground Kimmerian city that sealed itself from the outside world a thousand years ago when the Green Death ravaged the lands.Recently, Krimmeans have emerged from their city, bringing rare metals, fungi and other goods that are prized in the markets of Khromarium.Your party has been commissioned by a wealthy merchant along with Khromarium's most prominent sage, to explore Krimmea, bringing back information, maps and if possible, goods.

The Devil Made Us Do it the First Time (lige, Fri 8AM-12PM, Sat 3PM-7PM). Seven years after the sack of a prosperous town a band of former mercenaries has returned in search of a former companion who holds the key to finding a great treasure hidden during the carnage.  For 7 Fighter and Fighter subclass characters of 5th - 7th level.

Escape from Onja Cot (francisca, Sat 10AM-2PM). The less experienced sailors snickered at the captain's nervousness about passing too close to Onja Cot.  The more experienced sailors and worldly passengers understood caution was warranted.  Soon, all would understand why the captain was urgently barking out orders for evasive action when the first sign of war canoes emerged from the fog.  Will you live to tell of your escape from Onja Cot?

Foolsgrave (Chainsaw, Thurs/Fri/Sat 8PM-12AM). Khromarium's mysterious spiraling towers of black gneiss predate mankind, an ever-present reminder of how strange and alien things once ruled Hyperborea. During the Festival of Plutonia, a sombre commemoration of death, darkness and the all-consuming void, one such tower's impenetrable doors slowly creaked open, admitting anyone brave enough to descend into its depths. Many have entered, but few have returned - some with wealth overflowing, others simply mad, drooling and babbling. Locals now refer to the labyrinth as Foolsgrave. A megadungeon crawl for up to eight player characters of levels 1-3.

The Lost City - Part 1 (mordegast, Thurs 10AM-2PM) The classic adventure module run with AS&SH. Returning players for Part 2 can use the same characters from Part 1.

The Lost City - Part 2 (mordegast, Fri 10AM-2PM) The classic adventure module run with AS&SH. Returning players for Part 2 can use the same characters from Part 1.

The Palace Ruins of Xambaala (Ghul, Fri 8PM-12AM). Your party has uncovered the source of the demoniacal cachinations and dull totemic drumbeats that have haunted the city of Xambaala. In the sand-swept ruins outside the city, you discovered the abandoned camp of a despicable cult of man-eaters. Presently, your party must bring the cannibals to justice, but they fled to a ruined palace farther out in the desert.

Slade’s Cup (mabon5127, Thurs 12PM-4PM, Thurs 6PM-10PM. A cup, broken at a convocation of demon princes, is the only remnant of their non-aggression pact. Each of the princes took a shard as a reminder leaving only one on the floor of Slade’s Hostelry. The aging reaver would begin a most arduous pursuit. Over the centuries the cup has been reassembled by Slade and his heirs that followed. The heroes must retrieve the final piece.

The Strange Tale of Crystal Point (Chainsaw, Sat 2PM-6PM). In the far reaches of Hyperborea's Crab Archipelago, lies a small, mountainous island known as Crystal Point. Passing sailors have recently seen a crimson glow in Crystal Point's waters, beams of reddish-brown light shining up from its steep cliffs and frequent lightning storms overhead. One famous sage believes Crystal Point may hide the lost treasure of Atlantis! Eager for adventure and treasure, you agreed to explore the island and, after a long journey, have finally set foot on its rocky beach. A site-based adventure for player characters of levels 7-9.

Taken from Dunwich (Chainsaw, Sat 9AM-1PM). Murder, mayhem, and abduction! After the Keltic village of Dunwich is victimized by the vhuurmis, degenerate quasi-men covered in umber-coloured fur, local druids offer land and title to those brave souls who would repair the situation. The vhuurmis are considered witless savages, seemingly incapable of organized incursions, but these particular brutes attacked with purpose and precision, taking men from Dunwich, and slaying any who opposed their black will. A site-based adventure for player characters of levels 4-7.

Too Long in the Midnight Sea (lige, Fri 2PM-6PM). Your party has sailed to a tiny island near the Rapids at the End of the World seeking knowledge from a sage. You arrived to find him murdered and the island rocked by earthquakes. The island contains a mining colony and an eccentric mansion atop its highest point. Can you recover your information? Who killed the sage? Will the island crumble into the sea before your ship returns?  For 6 characters of 5th-7th Level.

Unearned Shame (mabon5127, Fri 12PM-4PM, Fri 6PM-10PM). The remaining Cataphract of the Shadow Wing must prove their innocence against charges of cowardice when a young noble leading them is killed in a disastrous battle.

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