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10/01/2017 7:52 am  #1

MMM - Mini-Monster Manual

MMM - Mini-Monster Manual:

Well I was working at a lot of the monsters collected from these forums and planning a PDF of the lot, but luckily I waited (for no obvious reason) as 4 days later the 2E AS&SH came via my E-mails and ah, so thankfully I had paused in my endeavours.

But, spending some time removing monsters added to new 2E and doing other things has slowed the process, but I had done this. Planning on adding others soon, just trying to edit my bad grammar!

So from Yora, the dæmonic entities of the Black Abyss...


Edit: Note: I use a FA: 0 system; that is every AC adds to 20; example: AC 7 is 13, AC 1 equals 19.

or at higher AC the rule is 20 + negative AC as a plus modifier; example: AC -2 = 22, AC -5 = 25, etc.

And attack options is total bonases. Fighter 4th-level = +4 (+1 mastery), +1 from Str 17, +2 magical sword (hmm, how he get a +2 sword); equals a total of +8. So monster has AC 3 = 17, need 9 or higher to hit!

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10/12/2017 10:15 am  #2

Re: MMM - Mini-Monster Manual


Cave Crawler, Giant Mantis: by Yora.
Dæmonized Orc, Dæmonized Familiar*: by Blackadder23.
Chalicothere, Memory Spider: by Handy Haversack.
Giant Cave Goat: Monkeydono.
Erinyes , Voormis, Crawler from the Slime, Weresabre-tooth Tiger, Maenad: Caveman.
Living Dead: Jason Zavoda.
Giant White Centipede: Ghul, Blackadder23 and Caveman.
Bird-man with Arms: Ghul and Caveman.

* I know this is in the new 2E, but I just had to add it; as I took a few hours placing the face of a AD&D Naga onto a black cat and think it deserves the show!

 And to Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson; amongst others.

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