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10/01/2017 7:52 am  #1

MMM - Mini-Monster Manual

MMM - Mini-Monster Manual:

Well I was working at a lot of the monsters collected from these forums and planning a PDF of the lot, but luckily I waited (for no obvious reason) as 4 days later the 2E AS&SH came via my E-mails and ah, so thankfully I had paused in my endeavours.

But, spending some time removing monsters added to new 2E and doing other things has slowed the process, but I had done this. Planning on adding others soon, just trying to edit my bad grammar!

So from Yora, the dæmonic entities of the Black Abyss...


Edit: Note: I use a FA: 0 system; that is every AC adds to 20; example: AC 7 is 13, AC 1 equals 19.

or at higher AC the rule is 20 + negative AC as a plus modifier; example: AC -2 = 22, AC -5 = 25, etc.

And attack options is total bonases. Fighter 4th-level = +4 (+1 mastery), +1 from Str 17, +2 magical sword (hmm, how he get a +2 sword); equals a total of +8. So monster has AC 3 = 17, need 9 or higher to hit!

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10/12/2017 10:15 am  #2

Re: MMM - Mini-Monster Manual


Cave Crawler, Giant Mantis: by Yora.
Dæmonized Orc, Dæmonized Familiar*: by Blackadder23.
Chalicothere, Memory Spider: by Handy Haversack.
Giant Cave Goat: Monkeydono.
Erinyes , Voormis, Crawler from the Slime, Weresabre-tooth Tiger, Maenad: Caveman.
Living Dead: Jason Zavoda.
Giant White Centipede: Ghul, Blackadder23 and Caveman.
Bird-man with Arms: Ghul and Caveman.

* I know this is in the new 2E, but I just had to add it; as I took a few hours placing the face of a AD&D Naga onto a black cat and think it deserves the show!

 And to Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson; amongst others.

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2/11/2018 12:33 am  #4

Re: MMM - Mini-Monster Manual

Wonderful!! I was looking for a thread like this to compile converted or original monsters. I've been doing a few, here's one i just finished that will probably get no play.

Titan ScarabApp 1 ⁞ AC -5 DR 1 ⁞ MV 100, fly 100 ⁞ HD 22+22 (hp 111)  ⁞ ATT bite (6d6 plus gnaw and disease) ⁞ SA/D: trample (4d6), gnaw, disease, mindless ⁞ SV 8 ⁞ ML 10 ⁞ INT non ⁞ DX 8 ⁞ SZ L ⁞ TC - ⁞ XP 10,000 ⁞ Instinct: eat it all
This massive beetle is the size of a fortress, and has a hard, blue-black carapace spattered with dust and dung. Its immense, club-like mandibles clash with a hungry fervor.

  • Trample: Can simply move over individuals smaller than itself, dealing 4d6 damage and knocking them prone. An avoidance save negates the damage, but not the prone. Succeeding the avoidance save by 5 negates the prone.
  • Disease: Filth Fever: Bite transmits terminal disease unless death (poison) save is made. The infection is marked by the eruption of a purple rash within 1d4 days, followed by headaches, fever, and delirium. Strength and constitution each are reduced by 1d6 points/day whilst disease persists. The victim dies when CON reaches 0, or after 2d6 weeks in any event.
  • Gnaw: Deals 1d8 Str damage with crippling bite; potentially obliterates armor, forcing an item save vs crushing blow.
  • Mindless: immune to Mind-Affecting effects.

While its diminutive cousins are primarily coprophagous, the titan scarab is carnivorous, hunting herd animals, humanoids, and even giants with ease. They typically use their trample attack against creatures smaller than themselves, returning after this punishing assault to pick off anything that’s still moving with swift and deadly bites.

Descriptive text adapted from "Beetle, Giant Stag" from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2, © 2010, Paizo Publishing, LLC
Disease ability text adapted from "Otyugh," Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, © 2018, North Wind Adventures, LLC

Go big or go home!

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"Role-playing isn't storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it's not a game."  ~ Gary Gygax

2/11/2018 1:10 am  #5

Re: MMM - Mini-Monster Manual

Travel in style.

Byakhee ⁞ App 1d4 ⁞ AC 8 DR 1 ⁞ MV 20, fly 80 ⁞ HD 4 (hp 18)  ⁞ ATT 2 talons (2d4) and bite (1D4 + 1D4 STR drain) ⁞ SA/D: flight, drain STR, rend; immunity to fire/cold ⁞ SV 15 ⁞ ML 10 ⁞ INT avg ⁞ DX 13 ⁞ SZ M ⁞ TC - ⁞ XP 135 ⁞ Instinct: serve the master
This nauseating winged creature combines the features of a carrion bird, an ant, a bat, and a decomposing human in a most hideous manner.

  • Child of the Void: No damage from cold- and fire-based attacks. Byakhees can fly through outer space, extending this immunity to a bonded rider--but only in outer space and only as long as the byakhee agrees to do so.
  • Rend: If the byakhee hits an opponent with both its bite and its claws, it deals an additional 2d4 points of damage.
  • Plasma Drain: The byakhee remains attached to a victim of its bite and begins to drain their plasma. Each round the byakhee remains attached, including the first, the blood drain subtracts 1D4 points of STR from the victim, until death. The byakhee characteristically remains attached until it is slain or until the victim is drained completely.

The Byakhee is an interstellar being composed of conventional matter. It is a noisy, active entity. At rest and in flight it screeches and croaks, except when stalking prey. Though its limbs are sturdy enough, the Byakhee rarely walks, flying whenever possible. - Lovecraft, H. P., et al. Call of Cthulhu: Petersens field guide to Lovecraftian horrors. Chaosium, 2016.


"Role-playing isn't storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it's not a game."  ~ Gary Gygax

2/11/2018 2:22 am  #6

Re: MMM - Mini-Monster Manual

Last one for the night. Starting to get the capchas

Our kobolds are different!

Child of the NightApp 1d4+5, 10d4, (40-400) ⁞ AC 7 ⁞ MV 30 ⁞ HD 1/2 (hp 2)  ⁞ ATT 1 short-spear (1d4) or 1 javelin (1d4) ⁞ SA/D: infravision ⁞ SV 17 ⁞ ML 5 ⁞ INT low-avg ⁞ DX 12 ⁞ SZ S ⁞ TC J,O;Qx5 ⁞ XP 5 ⁞ Instinct: take by overwhelming force

  • Child of the Dark: The Child of the Night suffers a -1 malus to attack rolls and armour class while fighting in bright light. It gains this malus as a bonus while fighting in the dark.

Child of the Night SergeantApp 1:20 ⁞ AC 6 DR 1 ⁞ MV 30 ⁞ HD 1 (hp 4)  ⁞ ATT 1 halberd (1d6+1) or 3/2 javelin (1d4+1) ⁞ SA/D: infravision ⁞ SV 16 ⁞ ML 6 ⁞ INT avg ⁞ DX 12 ⁞ SZ S ⁞ TC J,O;Qx5 ⁞ XP 10 ⁞ Instinct: lead them to plunder

  • Child of the Dark: As above.

Child of the Night ShamanApp 1:50 ⁞ AC 6 ⁞ MV 30 ⁞ HD 2 (hp 8)  ⁞ ATT 1 staff (1d4) or sling (1d3) ⁞ SA/D: spells, infravision ⁞ SV 16 ⁞ ML 4 ⁞ INT avg ⁞ DX 12 ⁞ SZ S ⁞ TC J,O;Qx5 ⁞ XP 10 ⁞ Instinct: even the odds

  • Child of the Dark: As above.
  • Spells: 1st—cure light, sleep; Gear: Potion of Fire Breath

Child of the Night ChiefApp 1:100 ⁞ AC 6 DR 1 ⁞ MV 40 ⁞ HD 4 (hp 15)  ⁞ ATT 3/2 spiked club (1d6+1) or 3/2 tomahawks (1d4+1) ⁞ SA/D: infravision ⁞ SV 15 ⁞ ML 8 ⁞ INT avg ⁞ DX 13 ⁞ SZ S ⁞ TC Jx2,Ox2;Qx5 ⁞ XP 35 ⁞ Instinct: rule from safety and comfort

  • Child of the Dark: As above.

Children of the Night are a diminutive race of ugly, knobby-skulled reptilian humanoids with fanged mouths and gnarly flesh that live in secret places deep below the surface of the world. They are well–muscled and wiry, able to inflict terrible and deadly wounds with primitive flint and bone weaponry. In the dark, where the children live, their yellow eyes glow with a natural feral light.
Text and image adapted from: Steele, Bryan, and Laszlo Cook. MGP7803 Bestiary of the Hyborian Age. Mongoose Publishing Ltd, 2007. Children of the nightand
Cthuloid Bestiary; Lovecraftian Monsters for OSR Games Netbook; Leonaru © 2014

There! Now you can justify a classic and ubiquitous low-level monster when adapting your old AD&D modules...


"Role-playing isn't storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it's not a game."  ~ Gary Gygax

2/12/2018 2:32 pm  #7

Re: MMM - Mini-Monster Manual

Running Hyboria, Hyperborea, Xoth, or some other low fantasy world and the crusty D&D module you want to use is lousy with bugbears?? Consider instead the shambling boar thing...

Shambling Boar-Thing (Böggel-mann)App 1 (2d4) ⁞ AC 5 ⁞ MV 30, climb 20 ⁞ HD 3+1 (hp 13)  ⁞ ATT 1 bite (2d4) and weapon (1d8+1) ⁞ SA/D: Surprise opponents 3:6 chance ⁞ SV 15 ⁞ ML 8 ⁞ INT avg ⁞ DX 12 ⁞ SZ M ⁞ TC B ⁞ XP 120 ⁞ Instinct: passion for murder

Native to jungles and forests, the shambling boar-things look as though they might be a demon or sorcerous creation made from man and boar. Much to the opposite, these hulking masses of muscle and fur are actually an ancient throwback to the times when beasts and men were much one and the same. They have lived hidden away in the dark parts of the jungle, stalking and killing their prey without outside notice or interference.

Shambling boar-things are five to six feet tall at their bent shoulders, covered in tufts of wiry black hair, and have the long arms of an ape or baboon. Their heads are that of oversized boars, with feral yellow eyes darting from under bony brows in search of prey. Two curving tusks sprout from their upper jaws, but many of their teeth are pointed and dense for the tearing of flesh and plant matter alike.

Boar-things typically use their natural weaponry to deal with anything that confronts them, unless they find a weapon that kills in a fashion they enjoy. They otherwise tear with their tusks and pummel with their fists, but their most fearsome weapon is their uncanny stealth, the thrill they take in murder, and their ability to lay a deadly ambush.

Text adapted from: Steele, Bryan, and Laszlo Cook. MGP7803 Bestiary of the Hyborian Age. Mongoose Publishing Ltd, 2007. Children of the night
Pic linked to artist.

"Role-playing isn't storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it's not a game."  ~ Gary Gygax

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