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5/19/2017 9:03 am  #1

Meanwhile, back in the dungeon

What? Me worry?

5/19/2017 9:10 am  #2

Re: Meanwhile, back in the dungeon

Great art!

"The fear of death, its risk each time, is one of the most stimulating parts of the game. It therefore behooves the referee to include as many mystifying and dangerous areas as is consistent with a reasonable chance for survival." - J. Eric Holmes

5/19/2017 11:32 am  #3

Re: Meanwhile, back in the dungeon

That is the most epic Caldwell painting ever.  I wonder if it comes in blacklight poster form?

"I, Satampra Zeiros of Uzuldaroum, shall write with my left hand, since I have no longer any other, the tale of everything that befell Tirouv Ompallios and myself in the shrine of the god Tsathoggua..."

5/22/2017 11:43 pm  #4

Re: Meanwhile, back in the dungeon

"Swamp Thing, Thor, and Red Sonja ride Thor's chariot to the bar, escorting four bug-eyed monsters, and...."




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