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1/20/2017 11:39 pm  #1

High level play

Has anyone here played an AS&SH game with characters 9th level or above? How did it go in relation to doing that with 1e Ad&d?

Side question - how much experience do you have with playing 1e or B/X or similar ruleset at these high levels?
Do you feel the game breaks down in some ways? Or do/did you enjoy it?

Thanks, just want to hear some opinions. I am running a level 10-12 1e game this wknd...

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1/21/2017 9:43 am  #2

Re: High level play

Judging from the "What Are You Playing?" polls I ran in Swordsmen & Sorcerers last month, everyone's campaigns seem to have topped out in the 6–8 range.


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