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12/29/2016 12:10 pm  #1

Rats in The Walls

Started a new AS&SH campaign last week with two players new to the AS&SH system. I ran Rats in the Walls. There were only three players but one is an experienced gamer, really experienced, and he agreed to play two characters until we can get another player on board. We kept it simple and played the main classes: fighter, cleric, thief, and magician.

I am new to GMing with this system so I decided to run the adventure as close to the vest as possible. In the first session I chose not to veer away from the main story line much because I knew there would be a good deal of rules scanning as everyone got used to the game mechanics and gaming together. However, by the time they hit the basement we were already on auto-pilot and the players were involved in several touch and go encounters. Real edge-of-your-seat gameplay. Two characters teetered on the brink of death before some quick thinking from our magician saved the day.

We (hopefully) finish the encounter tonight - and I've a surprise for the players. If they survive - and there is no guarantee they will - I plan on tweaking the rat borne disease check to send them on a quest to save one of the party from madness. I've already begun weaving the PC life stories into the upcoming homebrew quest.

The RPG newbie loved the game so much he begged the rest of us to promise that we would play as often as possible and we're delivering! Can't wait for tonight!

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12/29/2016 2:15 pm  #2

Re: Rats in The Walls

Awesomeness! Thanks for the report.

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12/30/2016 6:51 pm  #3

Re: Rats in The Walls

The adventure did indeed end last night and it was a smashing success. The fighter went down for the count - again - but some quick thinking from the wizard - again - and a truly epic backstab by the thief allowed the cleric to cure wounds just enough to bring the fighter back.

​I tinkered with the ending as I said I would by creating a mini-adventure that not only helped set the PCs up with a base of operations for future adventures but also allowed each of them to make contact with others of their respective classes in the city state of Khromarium.  The proprietor of the Silvery Eel was so happy to have his business back that he offered the adventurers use of the subbasement as their long term lodgings. However, they've a surprise mini-adventure next week involving Xill Vuntos''s juicy!


“The more I see of what you call civilization, the more highly I think of what you call savagery!” 
― Robert E. HowardKing Kull
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1/06/2017 8:34 pm  #4

Re: Rats in The Walls

Ahh, a very interesting turn of events, and it makes sense, too. Lots of room for storing loot! ;) Nicely done.

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9/16/2017 4:24 pm  #5

Re: Rats in The Walls

Hey, I'm starting a campaign with "Rats in the Walls" on Monday, and I had thought this very thing for after the adventure: that the players might naturally think about using the underground ruin as their hidden base.

And then one day they find yet ONE MORE secret door that leads... [evil grin]

I'm also surprised to be setting up for what promises to be an "urban campaign" -- at least as we begin here. It only makes sense. I'm sure there's plenty to do in Khromarium.


9/16/2017 4:50 pm  #6

Re: Rats in The Walls

I'm also going to be starting a campaign with Rats in the Walls (modified, and located in Robert E Howard's Hyborian Age), I hadn't even considered that the players may decide to use the ruin as a lair. 
I kind of hope they do now, because I'm planning a follow-up adventure based on Lovecraft's RitW story.

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