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12/13/2016 6:39 pm  #1

What Are You Playing? (Cataphracts)

In an effort to learn how different campaigns have progressed in the four years since AS&SH™ was published and to measure the impact of any potential rule changes* in Second Edition, I'm launching a series of polls to determine what classes and levels are being played. Please tell me the highest-level character of each class in your current campaign. Thanks for your feedback.

​* Please note that our design goal is for 99.9% compatibility with the original boxed set. Any changes will be minimal, but if we learn that (for instance) no one has played a witch past 8th level, then there'd be no real harm in introducing a new rule that states a 9th-level witch weighs the same as a duck**.

​** No such rule is being considered at this time.

What's the highest-level cataphract in your campaign?


12/14/2016 2:45 pm  #2

Re: What Are You Playing? (Cataphracts)


What? Me worry?

12/14/2016 6:00 pm  #3

Re: What Are You Playing? (Cataphracts)

Never had one (never had anyone play a cavalier in AD&D either).

"The fear of death, its risk each time, is one of the most stimulating parts of the game. It therefore behooves the referee to include as many mystifying and dangerous areas as is consistent with a reasonable chance for survival." - J. Eric Holmes

12/15/2016 6:32 am  #4

Re: What Are You Playing? (Cataphracts)


"'Silence!' thundered Pharesm. 'Do not forget that your penalty remains to be fixed; it is the height of impudent recklessness to hector a person already struggling to maintain his judicious calm!'"
Jack Vance, The Eyes of the Overworld

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