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9/10/2015 1:17 pm  #1

Distance, feet, movement and miniatures

Was wondering about those that use miniatures. The adventure maps have one square = 10 feet. How do you use your mat and miniatures to map this out in regards to someone having a MV of 15 or 25? Do you just make all the squares 5 ft and just double space used on your map? Do you stick with 10 ft squares and say that all combatants are 10 ft away from each other when engaged in combat? I've normally done 5 ft squares but even with a large mat I've had trouble getting it all of some maps to fit which I prefer. Thanks.


9/10/2015 2:41 pm  #2

Re: Distance, feet, movement and miniatures

I haven't used miniatures with AS&SH, but when I used them in the past with AD&D I used 10' squares and just had the minis in adjacent squares touching each other if they were in melee (as opposed to 10' apart).  It never caused any confusion.  Combatants are wherever I say they are anyway.

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