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2/15/2015 5:21 pm  #1

Brother Bear & Brother Bear 2

I missed Disney's Brother Bear when it was released in 2003 and that's a shame as I love hand drawn animation over the more modern cgi animation, and it was the last one released in theaters before the switch to cgi. While watching it with my daughter today for the first time I was struck by the incredible landscape snow capped mountain ranges and forests, the boreas, the mammoths and the glaciers. It looked to me to be very much of the landscape that might be found in Hyperborea. I also thought that the depiction of the Inuit people and their culture would be great study for the types of customs, clothing and civilization for running a Esquimaux character. I personally believe it's an absolutely gorgeous movie and would love to use some of the animation cells to show my players the landscape of some of Hyperborea.

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2/15/2015 7:14 pm  #2

Re: Brother Bear & Brother Bear 2

I'll have to see it again, but I do recall it as one of the finer Disney animated films.

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4/25/2015 3:29 pm  #3

Re: Brother Bear & Brother Bear 2

Watched a bit of it today - neat little film. Thanks for posting!

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