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Convention and Game Day » Gary Con IX (2017) » Yesterday 1:50 pm

Another highlight for us was having almost our entire group around the table for Mabon's "A Night at the Ptarmigan," which features his Wayne's World-style cut-to-memory-sequence sound effects! You're a definite favorite of everyone we've brought to GaryCon, Mabon!

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con IX (2017) » Yesterday 1:02 pm

And here's a pic of Chainsaw from Manny. Peter wanted me to point out that Chainsaw cheaped out on a Bronze badge and had to do the whole con in black and white!

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con IX (2017) » Yesterday 11:38 am

Nice pix and recaps, Chain!

My games were all full in theory, but Sunday took its toll on actual attendance. I ended up with three TPKs in two games! It's a dangerous world.

I played in AS&SH games from Ghul, Mabon, and Lige, and it was the best. I had a great time with you all, and so did my crew. Wish I'd been able to get there in time for your Wed. night game, Chainsaw! Freakin' Laguardia. But it was great to see you all. That's becoming a really important part of GaryCon for me.

However. Credit where credit is due: All hail Grodog, winner of GaryCon IX! He TPKed us at 4 AM Monday morning. My 8th level MU was about 5' from escaping to tell the tale. Serves me right for trying to help the group.

I think this is two years in a row for Grodog since he was in the boat with me and Welleran when we were the only ones who escaped from Francisca's lobster-clams last year. Will his streak reach three? Be there next year to find out!

It was a great game and a perfect way to cap off the con. Ave Grodog, imperator!

Adventures » Tower of the Black Pearl » 3/20/2017 11:59 am

Any advice on what's needed to translate DCC to AS&SH? It seems a lot less direct than with many other systems.

Announcements » SOLD OUT! » 3/08/2017 10:26 am

Crazy! Congrats, Ghul!

Campaign » The Mulish Inconsistencies » 3/08/2017 10:25 am

Ghul wrote:

Great stuff, Handy. I like how you pull all these different resources together, mix and match them all, and present something that it totally Handy! 


It's a golden age for free, good gaming stuff to adapt to one's game. But all the real magic comes from my players.

Campaign » The Mulish Inconsistencies » 3/06/2017 1:21 pm

Druvas wrote:

Looks like damned-good fun. Wish I were going to Garycon this year to get in on one of your games! Next year...!

It sure was!

I'll hold you to it for next year. I'm definitely getting excited for this year's GaryCon.

Next year!

General Discussion » North Texas RPG Con » 2/26/2017 4:34 pm

Can't make it to Texas. Sigh.

Campaign » The Mulish Inconsistencies » 2/26/2017 4:19 pm

The set-up: Party has decided to walk from the Red Massif (Along the Road of Tombs []) to Felchapel in Brigands Bay (, where Solon the Magician has to deliver a daemon-slaying sword as the end of a geas hangover left over from a drinking bout with Rel, god of thieves.
It’s about 100 miles. It had been one of the few vaguely safe overland routes in Hyperborea, connecting eventually to Khromarium. The kind of route that a caravan with 40 or 50 guards would feel reasonably able to tackle. Until the cannibal cult at the Red Massif really got going. But since it had been three weeks since the party had taken them out, I figured that word was starting to get out that the road might be “safe” again.
I decides that along the way I want them to have the chance to interact with “The Ruinous Palace of the Metegorgos” from Evey Lockhart (as hyped by Christopher Mennel) and with some Arnold K isms: Slitherhoof and Gobblehorse (, high druids ( (who are the same, I decided, as the druids at the end of “Ruinous Palace”), and, to add to the atmosphere, some Signs that He Is Drawing Nearer ( Also the Bear That Is Madness could make a cameo.
And then I decided to toss Arnold’s Hand of Dominion ( in the mix too as the target of some of the rival adventuring parties on the encounter list. Other adventuring parties were from either Brigands Bay or Swampgate and were hired by various crime lords and merchants to see whether the route really was “safe” again.
But since the party’s main idea was to get to town and get rid of the sword so they could

Bestiary » Scorpioids of the Xin Plateau » 2/14/2017 3:02 pm

grodog wrote:

Handy Haversack wrote:

grodog wrote:

Definitely looking forward to the seeing the aurora scopions, too, Mike!

I look forward to it, too! My players have an invitation from a scorpioid to go witness certain rites (the scorpioid was so scary that even my players were polite to her!), which, if they ever take that up, will, I'm sure, mean I actually have to put money where mouth was, aurora-scorpion-wise!

I'm sure such an invitation would haven't any relation to the need for ritual sacrifices as part of said rites, eh?


Only one way to find out!

General Discussion » Protecting the 1e Manuals? » 2/14/2017 2:59 pm

I have a boxed set still in bubble wrap for posterity. Ghul actually e-mailed when he received the order to make sure I understood I already had one. I think this was after first seeing me drink.

My two play copies of the manual seem to be holding up just fine, honestly.

Bestiary » Scorpioids of the Xin Plateau » 2/10/2017 9:05 am

grodog wrote:

Handy Haversack wrote:

I'll get to the aurora scorpions as soon as I have time.

Definitely looking forward to the seeing the aurora scopions, too, Mike!

I look forward to it, too! My players have an invitation from a scorpioid to go witness certain rites (the scorpioid was so scary that even my players were polite to her!), which, if they ever take that up, will, I'm sure, mean I actually have to put money where mouth was, aurora-scorpion-wise!

Campaign » Northern Virginia AS&SH in da house! » 2/06/2017 12:00 pm

I love how the witch encounter was left completely mysterious and yet also was not life-and-death. They lost, the witch accomplished her purpose and moved on with whatever plans she has. She didn't need to kill them and so didn't. Completely perfect.

Though, of course, in my game she'd totally have left some kind of psychically corrupting possession or poison in their minds. But I'm a bad person.

Bestiary » Scorpioids of the Xin Plateau » 2/06/2017 11:46 am

Man, from such humble origins! Looks great, Del!

Artistic Inspirations » Mark Schultz » 2/06/2017 11:46 am

mabon5127 wrote:

Chainsaw wrote:

Cool, man! What's that stuff on top of your head?



It's a tentacular horror! GET IT!

That stuff is really cool. Thanks for posting it.

General Discussion (Off-Topic) » Super Bowl LI » 2/06/2017 11:44 am

Chainsaw wrote:

I don't watch much pro sports these days, but man am I glad I tuned into the last five minutes of last night's Super Bowl. Pretty amazing comeback! Truly, the stuff of gridiron legend. Congrats you to Pats fans!

Gah--don't encourage them, Chainsaw! It goes straight to their heads. Next thing you know, they'll be publishing their own games!

Rules Discussion » Ascending AC » 2/03/2017 4:15 pm

Chainsaw wrote:

When I run games, I tell people to tell me what AC they hit. Usually they roll d20, adjust for bonuses/penalties, then refer to the scale on their character sheet (if they prefer to do the math instead, I'm indifferent) and tell me "I hit AC 2" or whatever. I tell them whether that's a hit or not. Usually after a round or two, everyone zeros in on the antagonist's AC, which is fine, but at first there's still mystery around "How tough is this thing?"

Yeah, me, too, Chainsaw.

Campaign » The Mulish Inconsistencies » 2/03/2017 3:19 pm

What can I say? I suck at consistency. But here are some one-liners. I actually took a break from DMing for a while, and BigPerm took over. Now we've switched back.

10/8/16: Somehow, Billy Ray peer-pressures Sophia and Drest to death. Using a trail of dead fish-people to lure an ooze into a trapped hallway leads to only partial redemption.*
Port Greeley episode 2!
We ended up trying to outsmart the super-tough bad buys by sleeping in their treasure chamber. It went poorly. The row-boat chase scene was pretty cool. We lost some 1st- and 2nd-level PCs but managed to escape so that that powers that be could eff with our business some more. Sweet.

11/5/16: That Hyperborean fighter sure looks a lot like that other Hyperborean fighter who just died. And I don't think Solon is coming here for the Drunken Debauchery.
We cycle through some more 1st-level dudes and manage to prove that *we* run bounty-hunter-chaos-panic-slaying business in this town! And the weird plant business. Oh, Rel, god of thieves, geases Solon to go find some Daemon Slayer sword and bring it to the Kybernetes in Felchapel, with whom we had thought we were quitsville. The pronunciation of "geas" gets a real workout.

12/3/16: One-off! GaryCon practice: Meal of Oshregaal: Why are all those trippy peahens mad at Peter? Why did Manny get eaten by that space whale? And when does the adventure start? Also: Never leave a man behind. Necromancers don't count.
Warming up the game I'm running at GC.

12/17/16: Look, if you want to be left alone, just don't fireball us. We're happy to leave! RIP, all the young dudes.
The Daemon Slayer sword is in the sarcophagus of a super-touchy lich who fireballs the whole party as were just trying to leave. The low-level people really don't make it in a big, bacony way. But we got the stupid sword. Oh, but Billy Ray Valentine lost his hand. Looking good, Billy Ray?

[b]12/31/16: A second-level assassin and a full-body tattoo seem like appropriate

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