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General Discussion » AS&SH At Gateway Games in Cincinnati » 2/16/2018 8:54 am

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We had the opening game of our AS&SH campaign yesterday evening.  Fifteen players+GM in all!  Ages ranged from 10 to 60s!  Our GM, Daniel Vance (wrote The Demon Inn mod) gave us an unconventional start!  Our characters are trapped in the bodies of real world psych ward patients in the 1940s.  We have just murdered the nurse and orderlies and have escaped the asylum and have headed in to the woods.  We are being hunted by 'screaming metal dragons' that summon sorcerers with 'boom sticks!'

Rules Discussion » Magician's Familiar » 2/12/2018 7:55 pm

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Here in Cincinnati OH we will be starting AS&SH 2E this Thursday!  I was considering a magician, however the permanent 1hp/level penalty if the familiar is slain makes me think despite the benefits the ability is not worth it.  What do you all think of this penalty?  Worth the risk?  Any way for a magician to get the hit points back once lost?

Why is a replacement spellbook so much more expensive than a starting spellbook?

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