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General Discussion » What board games are you playing? » 8/03/2017 11:58 am

Handy Haversack wrote:

Ms. Haversack and I also had a rousing game of Moby-d***; or, The Card Game last weekend. That's a good one.

You know, Melville never had to deal with this level of censorship.

General Discussion » What board games are you playing? » 8/03/2017 11:54 am

I finally put the CONAN strategy board game through its paces last weekend. Very good! Once you get the main mechanic down, gameplay is pretty smooth. It's definitely a strategy game. I think the "Overlord" (basically, the DM: monsters and bad guys) is at a slight advantage in every scenario so the players really need to strategerize to counteract that. As it should be. Good tactical sense is a must.

Ms. Haversack and I also had a rousing game of Moby-d***; or, The Card Game last weekend. That's a good one.

Hyperborea » Port Zangerios » 8/03/2017 11:33 am

Blackadder23 wrote:

If I were going to use a canned city for Port Zangerios, I would probably use Fever-Dreaming Marlinko.

It's very weird, and the city is divided into "themed" quarters that would go right along with the masks. So the inhabitants of the "Swine" quarter could favor pig masks, the inhabitants of the "Apiary" quarter insect masks, etc. There are some non-Hyperborean elements, but if desired these could easily be given facelifts - the Eld could be replaced with snake-men, the robo-dwarves with... I dunno, maybe gargoyle servitors or small iron automatons, and so forth. Every year the quarters have a competition where slave charioteers race and the losers are put to death, and it doesn't get much more Hyperborean than that.

The only problem is: Marlinko isn't a port (I know, just a "little" problem) so you would have to redo the map. Also, I don't think it's anywhere near as large as 20,000 inhabitants, although that would be easy to handwave. Anyway, just a suggestion. I recommend dropping a few bucks on it to steal ideas in any case.

Good call, BA23. I concur.

Hyperborea » Atlanteans in your campaign » 8/03/2017 11:26 am

BigPerm's Atlantean magician researched Solon's Saltwater Immersion as a second-level spell so he can douse himself weekly.

Gills, webbed fingers and toes, and a cloacal sexual parts are all just part of the Atlantean bag. Highly incompatible!

Swordsmen & Sorcerers » Berserkers and Race » 8/03/2017 11:06 am

We've had several Amazon berserkers for some reason. I like to think of female ones as a martial equivalent of "holy fools" (cf. Dostoevsky) -- a holy sacrifice to Chaos for the good of the plurality. Male Amazon berserkers are a lot easier to conceive of -- degraded, enslaved, used as tools, and then generally cast aside or abandoned in the wilds of mainland Hyperborea.

I don't see any Hyperborean culture as all that hard to conceive of as having berserkers, though. It's a world awash in chaos. Some people figure out how to accept that chaos for the martial benefits it can confer. As at all parties, though, at some point you have to pay the piper.

General Discussion (Off-Topic) » Still at positive HP » 8/03/2017 10:27 am

Blackadder23 wrote:

I thought they were cadaver dogs.

As long as they bring cadaver brandy . . .

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con X (2018) » 8/03/2017 10:13 am

Ar'Pharazon wrote:

I'm not sure if I'll be running it Friday or Saturday but I'll be running Descent into Krimmea at Gary Con. As I figure out my schedule with the 3 other games I want to run, I'll post here what day/time slot for DiK.

Descent into Krimmea:
Krimmea: The lost underground Kimmerian city that sealed itself from the outside world a thousand years ago when the Green Death ravaged the lands.Recently, Krimmeans have emerged from their city, bringing rare metals, fungi and other goods that are prized in the markets of Khromarium.Your party has been commissioned by a wealthy merchant along with Khromarium's most prominent sage, to explore Krimmea, bringing back information, maps and if possible, goods.

Ooo! Sounds cool.

General Discussion (Off-Topic) » Still at positive HP » 7/06/2017 10:13 am

chainsaw wrote:

Handy Haversack wrote:

Hi, Hyperboreans,

I am still alive, in case anyone was wondering! The summer has been brutally busy, in both the broad scope and the narrow. Seems like I never have a chance to check in. Still gaming, though, and still trying to keep current. Blargh.

Glad to hear it, Handy! I have to admit, I was wondering if all was well.

Thanks, Chain. I've felt bad about my absence! I don't know--I used to be able to distract myself a little at work, but that has not been the case this summer! And then as a three-sport athlete (gaming, canoeing, softball), with a pretty rigorous alcohol-training regimen for all three, the time just disappears.

General Discussion (Off-Topic) » Still at positive HP » 7/06/2017 8:27 am

Hi, Hyperboreans,

I am still alive, in case anyone was wondering! The summer has been brutally busy, in both the broad scope and the narrow. Seems like I never have a chance to check in. Still gaming, though, and still trying to keep current. Blargh.

General Discussion (Off-Topic) » What are you reading? » 4/26/2017 3:07 pm

C. J. Cherryh, Hunter of Worlds. Cherryh's one of my favorite SF authors, and I picked this up in DAW at the Milwaukee airport after GaryCon.

General Discussion » Hyperborea Trivia » 4/26/2017 2:27 pm

What is the only missile weapon with an annotation on table I.44, and what effect does the annotation note?

General Discussion » Hyperborea Trivia » 4/26/2017 2:22 pm

Oh man. Pressure's on . . . gimme one sec to do some "work."

General Discussion » Hyperborea Trivia » 4/26/2017 2:20 pm

And here I thought Ghul was the Dead Necromancer!

Nice one. It's been a while . . .

Chainsaw wrote:

What desert peninsula is the only land mass to meet the Rim of the World?

Sharath! As featured most recently in the updates on the AS&SH second edition. Gets 'em while they're hot.

General Discussion » Hyperborean Encounter Tables! » 4/25/2017 7:51 pm


If you ever do a "reprint," I would beg for page numbers and cross-references. Because I'm a lazy, lazy man.

Rules Discussion » +0 magic vs targets of +1< to hit? » 4/25/2017 7:50 pm

mabon5127 wrote:

lige wrote:

Off the top of my head I'd allow non weapon magical items to be used as weapons, to hit creatures if they could only be hit by magic,  if the items could conceivably do damage - of course a trip to the item saving rolls would need to be in order as you say.  If the description said +2 or higher I'd be stricter though the use (and potential breakage) of the more powerful non weapon magic items might be allowed (or even encouraged - I hear full potions make great sling bullets!).  I am intrigued by the +0 weapon concept but Handy hasn't quite converted me to that heresy yet!

I'm a lazy GM but I think it would be cool to give a player a magic weapon and not reveal the bonus.  Therefore they may never know how powerfully or minimally magical the weapon is. 

It *would* be . . . but I'm way too lazy to pull it off!

Campaign » Ixpats and other Reclusians of the Diamond Desert » 4/20/2017 3:50 pm

Monkeydono wrote:

Think Inuit cum Bedouin, riding giant armadillos (Glyptodons) each towing on skids an empty shell.

This is now one of my favorite things to think!

Hyperborea » Campaign Calendar » 4/20/2017 3:36 pm

gizmomathboy wrote:

I haven't made any progress on this. I got bogged down a bit with the layout.

Maybe I'll tilt at it again in a few weeks.

Want to borrow my lance? Or my anti-windmill psyops kit?

Bestiary » Snake-man on parade » 4/20/2017 3:27 pm

I don't think of owlbears as all that bipedal I guess? Sort of semi-bipedal, if that makes sense. So I'd probably not have them able to do it in my Hyperborea. That said, I'd probably keep the snake-people attack (1 [bite or weapon]) and have them able to either bite for 1d6 or claw for 1d6 per round.

Rules Discussion » +0 magic vs targets of +1< to hit? » 4/20/2017 2:49 pm

Ghul wrote:

Monkeydono wrote:

...the real question I have is a bit opaque, so I guess it's:

Is there any actual difference regarding the magical requirements to hit in the various descriptions?
"+1 or better weapon to hit", "harmed only by silver or magical weapons", "unharmed by non-magical weapons; magical weapons inflict half damage", etc

Part Two: if a magic weapon is +0 does it qualify for the aforementioned?

And, thanks again, guys!

The difference is indeed in the "+" as far as my campaign is concerned. I would allow some of what lige mentions above, the improvised weapons (though they would be subject to breakage), but if the requirement is "+1 or better", than +0 is not enough to penetrate the creature's otherworldly, netherworldly, or sorcerous defenses.

Yeah, me, too. Especially because you don't want to lose the true majesty of a +0 weapon by watering it down with all that combat.

While I'm generally not a big fan of "+x to hit" just because it implies that I as the DM should have those in my world (which is essentially impossible at current levels of player bribes), I mainly see these as opportunities for testing player skill and inventiveness. If you are a first- and second-level party with one magical weapon among you and are surrounded by wights, figure it the hell out. Ropes, fire, swimming, whatever it takes. Not having a +x weapon means having to use your +x brain.

General Discussion » Hyperborean Encounter Tables! » 4/20/2017 12:05 pm

Damn, BA23. Thanks so freaking much. These are going to help immediately.

For you, they will die screaming.

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