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Convention and Game Day » Gary Con X (2018) » Yesterday 12:58 pm

Wait till those horribly declassé Platinum jerks start filling in the seats at the table, Jeff. You'll be wishing you were less popular then, believe you me! It'll be like the Economy cabin on Loser Air!

I mean, I assume.

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con X (2018) » Yesterday 9:51 am

As of right now, after the Diamond badges have badged up, Ghul's celebrity game is the most popular thing at GaryCon!

Convention and Game Day » NTRPG Con X (2018) » Yesterday 8:22 am

Ghul wrote:

Chainsaw wrote:

Handy Haversack wrote:


You guys are too kind!

Yeah, he's not that great. He just TPKs all your characters and then walks around smiling, drinking whiskey out of a skull.

Yeah, but have you seen his thews? Take heed, dread necromancer!

Convention and Game Day » NTRPG Con X (2018) » 1/18/2018 10:50 am

mabon5127 wrote:

Chainsaw wrote:

Sadly, a work conflict looks very likely to blow up my NTRPG Con trip, so I decided to cancel my games. For those of you that pre-registered, I apologize for any inconvenience. With any luck, I will see you in 2019 and make it up to you with a beer or two.

I wasn't even going and I'm gonna miss ya!!! Ha!


Swordsmen & Sorcerers » New Character Classes: » 1/18/2018 10:49 am

Caveman wrote:

More Mystic Priests

Mystic Priest of Yig:

Mystic Priest of Aurorus:

Handy's  Aurorus cultist...

and my effort of the Yigite, though I not sure of its balance, It do enjoy adding as much as I can.

Awesome, Caveman! Will print out the Ygite and read later on.

We should remember that ultimate credit for the form and mechanics goes to Logan Knight of Last Gasp Grimoire: Could you add that credit to your documents? I don't want it get lost (tears in rain, etc.).

General Discussion » Downtime adventures » 1/12/2018 1:55 pm

Brock Savage wrote:

Ynas Midgard wrote:

Ah, TNU is such an amazing game!

Agreed. I was able to get through half of it before work this morning. It's worthy on its on as a game and also as a source of ideas and inspiration for existing games. Also, 300+ pages of free, good content is nice.

I recommend the hardcover, too, if you get hooked. It prints up real nice.

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con X (2018) » 1/12/2018 9:05 am

Ar'Pharazon wrote:

Assuming we can get enough people to play, I'm running Descent into Krimmea.

Cool--I wasn't sure I was going to be able to sign up for any of your games.

General Discussion » Downtime adventures » 1/10/2018 1:31 pm

There's a whole system of downtime activities in The Nightmares Underneath. Free version:

Announcements » HYPERBOREA: Beasts and Cannibals » 1/10/2018 11:00 am

mavfire wrote:

Wow that was quick... just submitted that illo this weekend!

Del, that picture is amazing. So freaking good.

Bestiary » Ghul Power » 1/06/2018 6:18 pm

They say that in the cold north woods where the North Wind blows there is a small village wherein lives a Ghul in its natural form. It is encountered in far-flung locales throughout the year where adventurers and their treasure gather, but always it retreats to its frozen arboreal lair. They say its true form is too horrifying to face directly, but its likeness has been captured by the brave . . . or the foolish . . .

Behold your DOOM!!

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con X (2018) » 1/06/2018 6:08 pm

. . . the T-shirts are also cursed.

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con X (2018) » 1/06/2018 6:06 pm

Ghul wrote:

mabon5127 wrote:

Handy Haversack wrote:

Not trying to pile on, Morgan, but Manny wanted me to pass along how sad he and the rest of the crew are that you won't be at GaryCon. Maybe we can road-trip down your way this year or figure out a way to get you up here for some gaming.

You folks are very kind.  That would be awesome at some point during the year!  I am glad I haven't wasted your time at the table.

After playing with Handy for years, and barely getting a lousy +0 dagger, they are desperate! ;)

Taking them to cons is so risky. I have to begin their training all over again once I get them back in the Austerity Zone.

Though they all now get T-shirts that say GHUL POWER!

Adventures » List adventures that would fit the Hyperborea setting » 1/06/2018 6:04 pm

under_score wrote:

It's not yet released to the public, but the final pdf draft of Operation Unfathomable just went out to backers this morning, and I think I found the perfect entry to Underborea.  It is full of strange new monsters, weird, alien, and ancient.  A nice mix of psychic sorcery and technology.  And the map is appropriately chaotic, with a dozen or so exits to other parts of the underworld, so you can just keep adding stuff onto it with ease.

I have run the original, shorter version several times using AS&SH and changing the location to the Zakath Desert and making Eyraen a crazed former lover of the Witch-Queen of Yithorium. Works great. Run that at three cons and in home games.

With the expanded version, the main work for Hyperborea would be to make the dwarves less human and regulated and figure out a way to make them monsters -- or you could just remove them entirely and probably not lose much.

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con X (2018) » 1/05/2018 11:50 pm

mabon5127 wrote:

francisca wrote:

mabon5127 wrote:

Unfortunately,  I will now be unable to attend Gary Con.  My oldest is getting married at that time.  I should be there.

Are you going to gencon this year?

Yes.  I take two of my daughters with me.  I plan on running at least one AS&SH event and then Jonny Quest on Friday night for Hollow Earth Expedition's Den of Ubiquity..

Not trying to pile on, Morgan, but Manny wanted me to pass along how sad he and the rest of the crew are that you won't be at GaryCon. Maybe we can road-trip down your way this year or figure out a way to get you up here for some gaming.

General Discussion » Has anyone used the setting in 5e? » 1/05/2018 11:47 pm

I like the system as much as I like the setting for Hyperborea. I'm unclear on why I'd use a different system once I already am committed to the extent of having bought the game? Though I also can't really conceive of having any use for 5e in general. But for me, the streamlining of AD&D is part of what I love about AS&SH.

And since it's in print and readily available, I'd rather encourage new players to play the whole game, too. Raise 'em up right, so to speak. Like a fine thew waggon. Jam a rod through their brains and get them the finest sirops money can buy! The future will thank us.

Hyperborea » Swampgate Log Palisade » 1/05/2018 11:42 pm

I think the most effective strategy is to have someone tell the characters that the logs are from trees that asked too many damn questions. Helps if you have a white cat to stroke while you say it.

Adventures » List adventures that would fit the Hyperborea setting » 1/03/2018 11:40 pm

Ghul wrote:

When I was developing AS&SH ten years ago, I was pouring over all the HPL, CAS, and REH tales that I could, and what a incredible volume of material to study! I had been reading REH and HPL since I was a young man, but CAS I didn't encounter until adulthood (except, perhaps, for a few short stories as found in anthologies). During my research, I had a eureka moment when I read the following passage from HPL's novella, "The Shadow out of Time": 

       I learned—even before my waking self had studied the parallel cases or the old myths from which the dreams doubtless sprang—that the entities around me were of the world’s greatest race, which had conquered time and had sent exploring minds into every age. I knew, too, that I had been snatched from my age while another used my body in that age, and that a few of the other strange forms housed similarly captured minds. I seemed to talk, in some odd language of claw-clickings, with exiled intellects from every corner of the solar system.

     There was a mind from the planet we know as Venus, which would live incalculable epochs to come, and one from an outer moon of Jupiter six million years in the past. Of earthly minds there were some from the winged, star-headed, half-vegetable race of palaeogean Antarctica; one from the reptile people of fabled Valusia; three from the furry pre-human Hyperborean worshippers of Tsathoggua; one from the wholly abominable Tcho-Tchos; two from the arachnid denizens of earth’s last age; five from the hardy coleopterous species immediately following mankind, to which the Great Race was some day to transfer its keenest minds en masse in the face of horrible peril; and several from different branches of humanity.

You'll always be a Wholly Abominable Tcho-Tcho to me, Ghul.

Which, also: there's your next T-shirt

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